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The Legend Of Zelda: The Great Fairy Rod by Starjoel
The Legend Of Zelda: The Great Starjoel
STORY COMPLETED A new adventure in the vast land of Hyrule has begun. When a new evil threatens the Kingdom, a new hero must arise. NOTE: I used many elements of games...
Super Mario 64: Star Mania by Starjoel
Super Mario 64: Star Maniaby Starjoel
STORY COMPLETED - HONORABLE MENTION FOR BEST COVER ON SUNRISE MINI AWARDS The first attack at Peach's Castle on the Mushroom Kingdom, led by Bowser, was forced into retr...
Sonic: Wrath of Dr. Ladimir by Starjoel
Sonic: Wrath of Dr. Ladimirby Starjoel
STORY COMPLETED Sonic and Eggman are forced to team up when a new enemy threats their world. Both of them embarks on a new adventure where they will face many challenges...
Super Mario Sports Series by Starjoel
Super Mario Sports Seriesby Starjoel
Just a typical sports game for Mario and his friends! All characters belongs to Nintendo.