World 4: The Snowy Theme Park

45 5 2

Stars obtained: 21/70

Star #1: Search for the penguins

So The Mario Bros. reached the fourth world, which it was a cold and snowy place. They've found themselves in a place called "The Snowy Theme Park". Luigi got excited and wanted to enter, but he discovered that it was closed; he then got sad.

Now, Mario heard a crying coming from somewhere near the entrance. Mario and Luigi followed the noise and discovered that it was a penguin.

"What's wrong little penguin?" Luigi asked.

"Sniff Sniff, please save my friends" the penguin replied.

Suddenly, three living Snowmans came from the snow, each one holding a penguin. As Mario and Luigi saw them with the penguins, they ran to save them.

The Snowmans got into the snow; Mario, with his hammer on hands, was looking very carefully for them. A Snowman got out from afar, willing to throw a snowball at Mario, who threw his hammer at it, destroying it on the act. The first penguin got saved.

Moreover, another snowman got out by Mario's side. Mario tried to get it, but the Snowman got into the snow and ran away from him. Mario could see his track, so he followed him behind while equipping a Fire Flower. The Snowman got out of the snow; Mario jumped and felt in front of the Snowman, who got scared by Mario's presence. Mario shoots a fireball, melting the snowman on the act and freeing the second penguin.

Mario went to see if Luigi saved the last penguin, but instead he saw him throwing fireballs at all places since the Snowman was in the snow moving around him. Luigi couldn't find a chance to hit it, so he decided to shoot at all places.

Mario got a gloomly stare and threw a fireball, which got the Snowman. He melted away, and the last penguin was saved.

Mario and Luigi got all of them back to the crying penguin, who got happy after seeing his friends again.

"Thank you very much" the penguin said. "Allow us to open the way to the Snowy Theme Park for you".

Luigi got excited when he heard those words. The penguins opened the door and entered with the other penguins. Moreover, one of the penguins stopped walking, looked at Mario and Luigi and took a Power Star out of hid mouth; he then kept walking. Mario touched the Star, sending it back to Peach's Castle.

Star #2: Aim and Melt

"We are glad to welcome you to The Snowy Theme Park" a penguin said.

Luigi's excitement dissapeared after seeing that there was only four games available.

"Sorry if you though that it was a big theme park" The penguin said.

"What you penguins do here besides playing?" Luigi asked with sadness.

"Well, this place is like a home for us too. We also put our treasures in here. Speaking of that, I remember that we found four of those shiny Stars the other day and--"

"Shiny Stars?" Mario said. "We are searching for those. Listen kids, I know that you must be beloved with those stars, but please we need to take them with us. Otherwise our world could be in grave danger".

"Sure" the penguin said. "Only if you play all the four games of our park. If you win on each one, then the Stars are yours".

Mario and Luigi nodded and proceeded to the first game.

"The first game consist on getting rid of all those Snowmans before time runs out. I'll give a Fire Flower to each one of you. After equipping them, start the game".

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