World 6: World Bully Entertainment

32 4 5

Stars obtained: 35/70

Star #1: Bully Rampage

Mario and Luigi has finally passed through the portal, and they found a building in front of them. It had a sign saying: World Bully Entertainment. They ran towards the building, they saw the entrance, and they also saw posters in both sides of that entrance, showing the image of fighters. Every fighter was a Bully.

"Look Mario" Luigi said. "There must be a fighting arena in this building".

"Yeah, I noticed Luigi" Mario replied. "Do you think there are Power Stars inside?"

"Absolutely" Luigi replied. "We better prepare ourselves for anything".

Both Mario and Luigi entered the building... they found themselves in front of a large group of Bullies. All those Bullies looked at Mario and Luigi and felt nothing more than an urge to crush them.

"ATTAAAACK!" One of the Bullies said.

Mario and Luigi yelled and tried to get out of the building, but the Bullies didn't let them escape. The Bullies catched each one of them and started to throw them at each other. They been like that for a while until The Mario Bros. got mad and decided to counterattack.

"I've had enough of this!" Mario said. "Luigi, let's take out our hammers and get busy with this guys!"

They both started to counterattack the Bullies, smashing them with their hammers. They kept that rate until one of the Bullies said:

"Please Stop!"

*Mario and Luigi Stopped*

"We promise to not ever bother you again, and to make sure you forgive us, we give you this".

Another Bully walked toward Mario and Luigi while holding a Star on his head and dropped it in front of them.

"Apologies accepted" Luigi said.

Mario touched the Star and sent it back to Peach's Castle. All the Bullies ran away from Mario and Luigi.

Star #2: Open the Safe

After getting the first Power Star they decided to explore around the main hall of the WBE (World Bully Entertainment). Luigi found some stairs that led to a basement. He got Mario and got downward with him while no one was around watching.

Fortunately, the basement had some lightbulbs to illuminate the way. While they were searching, Mario and Luigi found themselves with a safe case, which had four numbers on the door. The numbers were ( 3,7,5,0). The safe was semi-opened; Mario walked to open it, but the door suddenly closed, and the four numbers jumped away from them; two numbers went to Luigi's side, while the other two went two Mario's side.

Luigi was looking for the numbers 5 and 0 between some boxes full of fighting uniforms. He got them and went back to the safe.

Mario was looking for the numbers 3 and 7 on a place that was holding old photos, and they were photos of Bully fighters, who've entered the Hall of Fame of the WBE. Mario found the remaining numbers hanging on two photos.

Mario and Luigi got back to the case and put the four numbers back to their respective places, reopening the case. There was another Power Star inside the case, so Mario touched it and send it back to Peach's Castle.

Suddenly, a light was lit behind them.

"Intruders! Intruders!" A Bully guard said.

Mario and Luigi were taken to the office of the boss of the WBE.

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