Bowser Battle #2

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Mario and Luigi arrived at their destination; the portal dissapears after that. They watched the horizon and saw Bowser's Castle.

- "Mario look! There's Bowser's Castle in the distance!" Luigi said.

- " So that means that we're on the Mushroon Kingdom right now" Mario replied.

Moving forward, they entered into a stage that had Bowser's face drawed on it.

- "Gwaaaaaagh!" Bowser growled from above.

He felt in front of Mario and Luigi and hit both of them. Mario was sent out of the stage, but he felt on a safe land. Luigi felt, but he was still on the stage with Bowser.

- "Gwahahahaha! I knew that you two will eventually come!" Bowser said.

*Luigi stared at Bowser with a DEATH STARE*

- " I guess that you're asking yourself why I choose a place of the Mushroom Kingdom for our second battle. Well, I just wanted you to take a good look at my future kingdom, which i'm going to rule along with Peach, gwahahaha!"

- The princess, where is she!?" Luigi yelled.

- "Oh don't worry. She's safe on my throne room, waiting to witness all my excellency. You two had really made quite a mess around my castle. THAT REALLY MAKES ME MAD!!! DO YOU KNOW HOW MUCH I WORKED I TO TURN IT IN WHAT IT IS TODAY?!"

*Luigi remained silent*

- "Well, it doesn't matter. I shall repaired everything once I finish with both of you, and take all the Power Stars you've stolen from me".

- "They are not yours!" Luigi shouted while putting into a offensive position.

- " Gwahahahaha! You really think that you can stand a chance against me? You may be Mario's brother, but in the end, you're nothing more than his shadow".

*Luigi got heavily mad at Bowser*

- "Now, you two were lucky last time, but now I'm gonna make sure it doesn't happen again!" Bowser shouted.

Bowser took out a Metal Mushroom and ate it, gaining the Metal Power. Luigi got nervous and started to shake. However, while seeing from the distance, Mario knew that Luigi could still beat Bowser if he had the Metal Cap withing his body. Unfortunately, Mario wouldn't get into the stage in time, so he decided to throw it at Luigi.

- " Luigi, catch this!" Mario shouted.

He threw it at Luigi with all his strength; Luigi successfully caught it. He quickly break the Green Box and took the Metal Cap out of it, put it on and took the Metal Power. Mario decided to walk his way to the stage while Luigi fights Bowser.

Quickly, Luigi ran to Bowser and tried to kick him in the face, but Bowser blocked it with his left arm. Bowser threw Luigi; Luigi felt on the middle of the stage. For Luigi's next attack, he took his hammer (covered in metal) and tried to hit Bowser with it. While Luigi was attacking, Bowser used his arms to block all his attacks. While at it, Luigi left an opening, giving Bowser the opportunity to hit him. Luigi rolled and felt. Moreover, he got mad and quickly got up and ran to Bowser again. This time, he hit Bowser with his hammer at a higher speed. Still, all of his attacks were still blocked by Bowser when he hid on his shell.

- "What's wrong? It looks like you can't find a way to hit me. How pathetic that must be, gwahahaha!" Bowser said mockingly.

Luigi kept swinging his hammer at Bowser as hard and fast as he could.

- "Well, no point on staying on this rate" Bowser said.

Quickly, Bowser stopped Luigi and started hitting him multiple times. Luigi's hammer flew outside the stage and felt in front of Mario. The hammers metal skim dissapeared.

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