World 7: Monty Mole Mine

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Stars obtained: 42/70

Star #1: Rescue Yoshi

Mario and Luigi arrives at the Monty Mole Mine. They decided to enter, and the first thing they found on the way in was a group of Monty Moles holding a cage with a familiar creature.

- "Yoshi!" Mario shouted.

- "Waaaauuuuh!" Yoshi growled.

The Monty Moles noticed Mario and Luigi, so they decided to prepared themselves to fight them. Mario and Luigi ran towards them and started to stomp them, one by one. After finishing each one of them, they got Yoshi out of the cage.

Suddenly, Yoshi got a Power Star out of his mouth. Mario touched it and sent it back to Peach's Castle.

- "Yoshi! I'm Glad to see you're still alive!"Mario said.

*Yoshi got happier*

- "Yoshi, please join us on our adventure. We could get a use of that floating ability of yours" Luigi said.

Yoshi nodded at Luigi and joined the party.

Star #2: Mario's Minecart Ride

Mario, Luigi and Yoshi found a steel gate that was closed. Moreover, they sae the first five numbers written on it's front (1, 2, 3, 4, 5).

-"Hmmm... it doesn't looks like we'll be able to enter through here by force" Mario said.

Suddenly, Yoshi touched Mario and pointed at a Minecart that was still functional.

- "Good idea Yoshi! Maybe we can ride that minecart and see if we can find another way to proceed, or maybe find something to open this steel gate" Mario explained.

- "You go ahead Mario. I'll stay here and watch if any other of those Moles shows up and tries to interfere" Luigi suggested.

Mario nodded at his brother and got into the Minecart. Yoshi joined him as well. Both of them ventures themselves around some parts of the Mine. On the way they found themselves with some numbers floating nearby the minecart's track.

- Hey Yoshi. Think you can use your tongue to reach those numbers?" Mario asked.

Yoshi nodded at him, so he uses his tongue to reach them. There were five numbers in total, like the numbers written on the steel gate. Yoshi got all of them, causing the steel gate to open. A Power Star was floating on the other side of the gate. With no time to waste, Luigi touched it and sent it back to Peach's Castle. Mario and Yoshi reunited with Luigi and continued their quest.

Star #3: Excavation Time

Mario, Luigi and Yoshi entered on a cave that was been excavated by Monty Moles. The three of them gather together and stomped each one of those Monty Moles.

- "WaaauuuWauuuu!" Yoshi growled at Mario.

- "What is it buddy?" Mario asked.

Yoshi points at a crystal with the shape of a star that was buried on the dirt. Mario thought it was a Power Star, so he took an excavation tool and took out the Star out of it. However, he then notices that it was just a crystal with the shape of a star.

- "Well, tough luck huh?" Luigi said gloomly.

- "No, I'm pretty sure there's still a Power Star nearby. I'm gonna take a look around and excavate some more. Please help me out".

Luigi and Yoshi also took some excavation tools and started helping Mario.

After a while, Yoshi managed to excavated a Power Star. However, Yoshi ate it, shocking Mario and Luigi. Mario ran to Yoshi and made him spit the Star. Once he spit it, the Power Star flew back to Peach's Castle. Suddenly, They felt a small quake around them, and the floor beneath them crumbled.

Star #4: The Mine's Underground

Mario, Luigi and Yoshi felt on soft dirt.

- "Phew... i'm glad that there was a soft floor under us. Otherwise we'll be done for" Luigi said.

- "We are all the way down in the Mine's Underground. We cannot stay here, so let's find a way up" Mario replied.

Along with Yoshi, they venture through the underground parts of the mine. Suddenly, some dark creatures apoeared from nowhere.

- "Waaaaaah! What are those things!?" Luigi shouted.

The dark creatures are called "Fuzzy". Mario, Luigi and Yoshi ran away from the Fuzzies while finding a way out of the Mine's Undergrounds. After a while of jumping, fighting and floating with Yoshi, they finally reached the top of the Mine once again. On the way they found a Power Star. Mario touched it and sent it back to Peach's Castle.

Star #5:  Luigi's Minecart Ride

Another steel cage was found by them, also with numbers written on it, from 1 to 8. There was a Minecart as well.

- " It looks like we're repeating the same thing again" Mario said.

- " Mario, let me take the ride this time. Let Yoshi come as well" Luigi asked.

Mario agreed; Luigi and Yoshi hop on to the minecart and begin the ride. It was the same way as Mario's ride. The 8 floating numbers were around the track, which was more different than Mario's. Just like last time, Yoshi used his tongue to reach each one of those numbers. Once he got all of them, the steel gate opened in front of Mario. Just like last gate, this one had a Power Star waiting on the other side.  Mario touched it and sent it back to Peach's Castle. Luigi and Yoshi arrives and joins Mario again.

Star #6: Buried Silver Stars

Mario, Luigi and Yoshi found themselves in a crystal cave, and they saw five silver stars in different parts of that cave. Mario got one silver star by excavating; Luigi got the second silver star from an abandoned minecart. The third silver star was flying on a far away ledge; Yoshi used his tongue to reach it.

The fourth silver star was under a pool of water. Mario entered the pool, he swim straight to the silver star and grabs it. Finally, the last silver star was been hold by a Monty Mole; Luigi stomped on the Monty Mole and grabbed the silver star. At last, the Power Star appeared; Mario touched it and sent it back to Peach's Castle. Suddenly, another rumbling was happening. The cause of that rumbling: a big drill machine that was managed by some Monty Moles. The drill was going to get Mario, Luigi and Yoshi.

Final Star: Monty Mole Mega-drill

- Ruuuun! To the exit, now!" Mario yelled.

Mario, Luigi and Yoshi ran from the Monty Mole's drill while looking for the exit. While at it, they tried to slow down the Mega-drill's speed to gain some time by using Yoshi's eggs, which he made by swallowing Monty Moles that they found along the way. They jumped gasps and platforms, and after a while, the Mega-drill felt into a pit and exploded; Mario and Luigi managed to get out of the Mine alive. The last Power Star got out of the Mega-drill and out of the cave. Mario touched it and sent it back to Peach's Castle.

- "Phew... I'm glad that's over" Luigi said calmly.

- " We've finished in here. Now let's go back and reunite with Toadsworth" Mario said.

Mario and Luigi got back to the portal and brought Yoshi with them. Once they got back to Bowser's Castle, they reunited with Toadsworth quickly.

- " We're back Toadsworth, safe and sound. Oh, and we rescued an old friend of ours" Mario said.

- " Waaapuuuu!" Yoshi growled.

- " Well, if it isn't Yoshi. Spectacular job Master Mario and Master Luigi, I expected no less from both of you" Toadsworth said.

Suddenly, the door that leads to the third floor of Bowser's Castle opened, but it also was blocked by a portal.

- "Master Mario, you can leave Yoshi with us. He'll be safe along with all the other Toads. You go and Master Luigi and do something about that portal, please" Toadsworth said.

*Mario nodded at him*

- " Stay here with the Toads Yoshi. You'll be safe with them. Luigi and I have some work to do now, got it?" Mario said.

Yoshi nodded at Mario.

Finally, Mario and Luigi entered through the portal.

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