World 8: Spear Guy Jungle

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Stars Obtained: 49/70

Star #1: Enter the Jungle

Mario and Luigi arrived at their destination. They found themselves in the middle of a jungle. Suddenly, a spear appeared from nowhere.

- " Luigi look out!" Mario shouted.

He pushed Luigi away and prevented him from getting hurt by the spear. Suddenly, two Spear Guys got out from behind a palm and ran toward Mario and Luigi to attack them. However, Mario and Luigi reacted quickly and stomped the Spear Guys with no problem.

- "Mama Mia! I thought that we'll never see this Guys again!" Luigi said.

- "There must be more of them deep in the jungle. Let's explore without dropping our guard" Mario replied.

They entered the jungle with no knowledge of what they were going to find besides the Spear Guys. On the way they fought a lot of them. Their trip ended close to a lake. Luckily for them, a Power Star was nearby. Mario touched it and sent it back to Peach's Castle.

Star #2: Fishing Star

- Mario look! There's another Power Star floating far ahead of us!" Luigi said.

Mario found two fishing rods on a nearby boat. He took both of them and gave one to Luigi. They both started to throw the fishing line of their rods. But they were failing to grab the Star from the beginning. Mario hooked some Cheep-cheeps many times, while Luigi only hooked trash from the lake.

Moreover, after many tries, Mario and Luigi hooked the Power Star, almost at the same time. And with that, they brought it close to them, and they both touched it, sending it back to Peach's Castle.

Star #3: Puzzle of the Ruins

Since there was no other way to keep advancing besides the lake, Mario and Luigi decided to hop on the boat and navigate across it. On the way they found themselves with some kind of ruins. They got out of the boat and walked toward the entrance, which was closed. However, By looking around, they discovered that they could open the entrance by solving a puzzle. The puzzle was on the ground, and it consists on putting some pieces on their respected places to form a picture. Mario and Luigi worked together to solve the puzzle.

Once solved, they saw the picture of a Power Star. And with that, the entrance to the ruins were opened. Aditionally, another Power Star appeared. Mario touched it and sent it back to Peach's Castle. They continued into the ruins.

Star #4: Passing for Treasure

Their first place was a large hall, and there was another Power Star at the end of it. However, they had to pass a hall full of traps, such as bottomless pits, spiked floors, and arrows fired from the walls. But that's not all: the entrance of the ruins were closed by a wall with spikes. Moreover, the wall started to move toward Mario and Luigi.

They both moved quickly, running from the wall of spikes and avoiding all the traps. Finally, they reached the Power Star and saved themselves from all the traps. Mario touched the Star and sent it back to Peach's Castle.

Star #5: Race with Koopa Troopa #2

While exploring the ruins, they found an exit. There was another big and beautiful lake toward them. Moreover, they found themselves with Koopa the quick, the same Koopa that Mario raced at the Bob-omb Sanctuary.

- "Hey Mario! We meet again!" Koopa the Quick said.

- "Oh, is you" Mario replied. "I supposed that you're looking for a rematch with me, right?"

- "Well, I'm looking for another race, but not exactly like that. This time, I want to race the green one" Koopa replied while pointing at Luigi.

- "Huh, me?" Luigi said.

- "Yep. If you accept to race against me and win, then I'll reward you with this" Koopa the Quick showed them a Power Star.

- "Luigi, I'll accept if I were you" Mario said.

- "................. Ok" Luigi agreed.

- "We'll be racing around this lake" Koopa the Quick pointed.

On the count of 3... 2... 1... they both started the race. While on 2nd place, Luigi was struggling because of some Piranha Plants and Spear Guys that weren't invited. Fortunately, he managed to confront them while racing. He dodged every Piranha Plant and Spear Guy that stood in his way. While racing, he found a green shell, which he used to slide and gain more speed. Luigi managed to pass Koopa the Quick and won the race. Koopa the Quick walked toward Luigi and said:

- "Wow! You really are faster. I'm impressed. Here, you earned this".

Koopa the Quick took out the Power Star. Luigi touched it and sent it back to Peach's Castle. Mario and Luigi returned to the ruins.

Star #6: Break the Seal

Finally, they reached the deepest part of the ruins. The first thing they found was a Power Star on top of an altar, which it could only be reached by walking up a stair. However, the Power Star was sealed, and the only way to open it is by activating four statues that could shoot a ray of light that acted like keys. Once they activated all four statues, the seal was opened, freeing the way to the Power Star. Mario went up the stairs and touched the Star, sending it back to Peach's Castle.

Final Star: Spear Guys Attack

Suddenly, an army of Spear Guys entered the ruins through a wall. They were planning to get the Star that was in the seal, thinking that it was a treasure. However, they saw that it was already taken by Mario and Luigi. This got them so angry, which make want to attack them.

- "Let's get out of here Luigi!" Mario yelled.

Mario and Luigi planned to escape, but all the exits were all closed, and the entrance made by the Spear Guys was out of their reach.

- "We'll have to get out from this the hard way" Mario said while taking the Fire Flower.

There were 100 Spear Guys in total. Mario used the Fire Flower to fight them, while Luigi decided to use his hammer. Slowly, they were reducing the amount of Spear Guys that were on the ruins. Suddenly, Luigi got covered by a lot of Spear Guys.

- "Luigi!" Mario yelled.

While under the Spear Guys, Luigi put away his hammer and replaced it with his Ice Flower. With all his strength, he froze all the Spear Guys on him and punched them away. Fire Mario and Ice Luigi worked together and defeated the remaining Spear Guys. And with the last one gone, the last Power Star from the jungle appeared. Mario and Luigi touched it and sent it back to Peach's Castle. The portal appeared in front of them. They jumped through and got back to Bowser's Castle.

After arriving, Toadsworth walked to them and said:

- "Master Mario and Master Luigi, I see that you did a great job back there recovering more Power Stars. Princess Peach's Castle is in more good shape than before. I can sense that your quest is almost over, but then again, it may be to earlier to celebrate".

The next door of the third floor of Bowser's Castle opened. Mario and Luigi moved onward and jumped through it.

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