Final World: Bowser's Airship Armada

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Stars Obtained: 63/70

Star #1: Three winged Heroes

Mario, Luigi and Yoshi arrived at their destination, and unexpectedly, Luigi almost felt from a high place.

- "Waaaaaah!" Luigi yelled.

Fortunately, Mario grabbed and saved him. He then looked around and realized they were on the sky, and in a Airship Armada. Suddenly, an old opponent of Mario and Luigi appeared.

- " So, we meet again, Super Mario Bros!" Captain Goomba shouted on a flying Lakitu Cloud.

- "You again?" Mario shouted.

- " That's right, is me, me, me, and only ME! I was waiting for this moment since I lost to you back at the ocean. King Bowser got really mad, and you two are the only ones to blame! But now that's in the past. King Bowser gave me another opportunity and let me have full control of his Airship Armada, the last, but most powerful line of defense. This time, I'll end both of you, and... That green thing over there" Captain Goomba said referring to Yoshi.

- "Ha haaaa! You can try if you want, but the results will be the same as before" Luigi said mockingly and confidently.

- "Oh please. Do you really think that I'll go easy on you this time? Plus, I'm not alone on this game".

- "What do you mean?" Mario asked.

- " You'll find out soon enough... or maybe not!"

Suddenly, 10 Lakitus descended from the sky and surrounded Mario, Luigi and Yoshi.

- "Do you recognize this shiny object?"Captain Goomba said while showing a Power Star.

- "So there are Power Stars in here too, probably the last that were stolen" Mario said.

- " It doesn't matter if we have a few Power Stars left. Is still good enough to finish you once and for all!" Captain Goomba said while throwing the Star at one of the Lakitus. "Good luck passing through Armada, Aaahahahaha!"

The Lakitus started to fly at all places while throwing the Power Star at each other. Mario and Luigi tried to reach them, but the Lakitus were too high. Not even Yoshi could get them with his tongue. However, Yoshi just remembered something.

- "Waaa!" Yoshi shouted at Mario and Luigi.

- "What is it Yoshi? Do you have a plan?" Luigi asked.

Yoshi took three white feathers out of his mouth and persuaded Mario and Luigi to grab one of them.

Both Mario and Luigi grabbed their own feather. Suddenly, the feather started to glow; Mario's feather entered on his body, and a pair of wings appeared on his red cap, as well as in Luigi's green cap. Yoshi ate his feather and got wings on his back.

- " Hey, I remember this Power-up from my last adventure!" Mario said. "Good idea Yoshi! Now we have a high possibility to reach those Lakitus and retrieve the Power Star from them".

*Yoshi felt happy*

- "Ready when you are bro" Luigi said to Mario.

Finally, the three of them made a triple jump and flew to the sky. The Lakitus saw them and prepared themselves.

Mario, Luigi and Yoshi united strengths to find and catch the Lakitu that was holding the Power Star. At last, Mario spotted the Lakitu holding the Star and followed him behind. However, the Lakitu threw the Star at another Lakitu before been stomped by Mario.

The Lakitu holding the Star was been followed by Luigi. They flew across some airships; Luigi was been targeted and fired by some cannons filled with Bullet Bills, which he dodged succesfully. Suddenly, the Lakitu holding the Star was trapped. Luigi managed to stomp it and free the Star. However, it was taken by another Lakitu, which was been pursuit by Yoshi.

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