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Super Mario 64 DS: The Magic of the Stars by RGkoopaling
Super Mario 64 DS: The Magic of RGkoopaling
Mario, Luigi, and their greedy cousin Wario get invited to Peach's castle for cake. But their party gets interrupted when an old enemy strikes back and seals them in the...
Super Mario 64: Star Mania by Starjoel
Super Mario 64: Star Maniaby Starjoel
Available only on Wattpad. Any other site that has it is stolen. STORY COMPLETED - HONORABLE MENTION FOR BEST COVER ON SUNRISE MINI AWARDS The first attack at Peach's Ca...
Kira Bischoff: The Super Mario 64 Story by sunjianlover18
Kira Bischoff: The Super Mario Dark Shelton
Kira Bischoff, the Demonic Deity, came to the Mushroom Kingdom in search of Mario. Mario joined forces with Grand Dad at first. When Mario returned to the Mushroom Kingd...
mama hue*** (Super Mario 64 ) COMEDIA :V by springtrapgamer87TMv
mama hue*** (Super Mario 64 ) springtrap gamer87TM :v
esto es una parodia a lo que TODOS hemos echo en el super mario 64 (o todos los que tuvimos infanciad,ninios >:V)
Painting, A Super Mario Short Story by AbsoluteENF
Painting, A Super Mario Short Storyby Nat Quin
Mario finds himself wanting to relive one of the best adventures he's ever had.
My Life as a Superhero Book 1 by Fireninja107
My Life as a Superhero Book 1by Asquid
I thought I was another normal kid in a normal society. An average person with nothing special to show, but I was wrong. You see, some supers know that they have powers...
SMG4 Vids by LvlXbro
SMG4 Vidsby SVF20
This Book has Vids of my all time favorite Machiniamis
Super Mario 64 DS: The Power of the Stars by mariobroultimate
Super Mario 64 DS: The Power of mariobroultimate
Mario is invited over to Princess Toadstool's castle for cake, and he brings his brother and cousin with him. But what was supposed to be a nice and peaceful gathering...
Speedrun times by SoulOfTheMedley
Speedrun timesby Soul Medley
I speedrun several games, I will post my times here and in my profile.
SMG4: Justice Lords by rookie216
SMG4: Justice Lordsby rookie216
In another SMG4 universe, There is a universe where of the SMG4's member was executed infront of the eyes of the public. (Note. I'm adding the Splatoon Legends in this s...