World 5: Boo's Forest

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Stars Obtained: 28/70

Star #1: Big Boo

Mario and Luigi passed through the portal and found themselves in a creepy forest.

"Oh please no!" Luigi said while shaking.

"Don't be afraid now Luigi. We have a task to fulfill" Mario said.

Suddenly, Mario started to float.

"Whoa! What is happening!? Mario shouted.

The thing making Mario float revealed itself, and it was a Boo. There were a group of them. Luigi got even more afraid.

The Boo carrying Mario got away, while the others were targeting at Luigi. Moreover, one of the Boos took out a Power Star. With the power of that star, all those Boos decided to unite as one, becoming in what is known as Big Boo. Luigi screamed and ran away from it.

The Big Boo followed Luigi around the creepy forest. Luigi got cornered in a wall; the Big Boo was getting closer to Luigi, little by little. Luigi though that he's life had come to a end. However, he felt something strange under his feet. He looked and saw a flashlight. He quickly took it and flashed the Big Boo, breaking it on the act; the Power Star got free, and all the Boos ran away. Luigi happily touched the Power Star, sending it back to Peach's Castle. Suddenly, a voice spoke to Luigi:

"You've still haven't got rid of us. No matter what you do, we won't let you go any further. Good luck on getting out of this forest in one piece, hehehehehe".

Luigi was still afraid, but that didn't stopped him from saving his brother. Luigi's time has come.

Star #2: Silver Stars

As Luigi was going deeper into the forest, he found five Boos playing around the forest. Moreover, he saw that each Boo was holding a Silver Star. Quickly, Luigi got close and used his flashlight on one of the Boos; the Boo vanished and let the Silver Star go. The other four Boos ran away. Luigi took the Silver Star and kept moving.

Luigi found a Boo flying around a tree. He jumped as high as possible and flashed the Boo with the lantern. The Boo vanished, and Luigi took the Silver Star.

The third Boo was swimming on a small pool. Once Luigi found it, he flashed with the lantern and vanished it. He then took the Silver Star from it.

The fourth Boo appeared behind Luigi and gave him a jumpscare. Luigi jumped and felt into the pool. The Boo was laughing at Luigi while closing to the pool. Luigi inmediately got out and flashed the Boo with the flashlight. The Boo vanished and left the Silver Star with Luigi.

Finally, the last Boo with the last Silver Star was sleeping on a tall pillar. Luigi decided to jump on some specific trees and platforms in order to reach the top of that pillar. Once he finally reached it, he flashed the Boo and got the last Silver Star from it. All five Silver Stars united and formed a Power Star. Luigi touched it and send it back to Peach's Castle. He then kept going deeper into the forest.

Star #3: Follow the Star

While Luigi's objective was looking for Mario, he managed to find a Power Star on the way. He got closer to touch it, but the Star started to float and flew away from Luigi.

"Hey where are you going? Don't you run away from me!" Luigi shouted.

Luigi pursuit the Star. He passed and jumped many obstacle and gasps while running. At the end, Luigi and the Star entered in a cave. Luigi saw that a Boo was carrying the Power Star, so he quickly stunned it with the flashlight. The Boo dissapeared and left the Power Star. Luigi finally touched the Star and sent it back to Peach's Castle.

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