World 9: Temple of Blaze

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Stars Obtained: 56/70

Star #1: Help Luigi

Mario and Luigi arrived at their next world. They found themselves in the Temple of Blaze.

- "Uff... This place is really hot, isn't Luigi?" Mario said while looking at his right side.

At that moment, Mario saw something different: his brother was missing.

- "Luigi!? Where are you!?" Mario shouted.

- "I'm over here!" Luigi replied from another place.

Both Mario and Luigi were separated after arriving at the temple. Each one was separated by a wall between them.

- "Luigi! What are you doing in there?" Mario asked.

- "I could ask the same thing to you Mario".

- "I wonder if separating us was all planned by Bowser" Mario asked himself loudly.

- "Maybe, who knows" Luigi replied scaredly.

*Mario took some time to think*

- "Luigi, I don't know how we are going to do it, but we'll have to work together somehow to make it out of here. Are you with me?"

- "Okie-dokie bro" Luigi agreed.

They had no other choice but to move forward, helping each other while been separated.

Luigi was looking for a way to open a rock wall that was blocking his way, but he couldn't pass through with anything, so he shouted Mario and asked for his help. Mario started looking around him. He saw a small catapult on his side. Also, he saw some Bob-ombs that were asleep. Mario grabbed one of the Bob-ombs and put it in the catapult. He then released the catapult, sending the Bob-omb at the rock wall on Luigi's side. However, one Bob-omb wasn't enough.

Mario threw another one, and with that he broke the door, opening the path for Luigi. Suddenly, a Power Star appeared close to Mario. He touched it and sent it back to Peach's Castle.

Star #2: Help Mario

Now, Mario found himself stuck by a rock wall too. He couldn't find anyway to pass through, so he shouted Luigi for help. Luigi looked around and saw some Bob-ombs making a line on the wall, which reached the rock wall on Mario's side. Luigi decided to use a Fire Flower and shoot a fireball at the first Bob-omb on the line. The Bob-omb exploded, making the other ones explode, breaking the rock wall blocking Mario's path. A Power Star appeared on Luigi's side. Luigi touched it and sent it back to Peach's Castle. Luigi got back to normal.

Star #3: Both-Side Battle

A battle for Mario and Luigi was waiting up ahead. A group of Koopa Troopas appeared at Mario's side, while a group of Boos appeared at Luigi's side.

- "Waaaaaaaaahhh!" Luigi yelled.

Mario stomped the Koopa Troopas and forced them to hide under their shells. He then used the shells and threw it at the others. He continued this rate until he defeated all of them. Suddenly, a gold fragment appeared by his side. Mario touched it, and it flew on a upper part of the temple.

Moving forward, Luigi took out his flashlight and started to flash all the Boos. Once he defeated all of them, another gold fragment appeared. Luigi touched it, and this one flew towards the other fragment. They both united and formed a Power Star. The Star flew to Peach's Castle.

Star #4: Divided Silver Stars

Mario and Luigi kept advancing on the temple. Silver Stars were waiting for them. Mario's side had three stars, while Luigi's side had the other two. Each Silver Star on Mario's side were on a floating platform. Also, there was a pool of lava underneath does platforms. Mario reached each platform and took all the Silver Stars without falling into the lava. The Silver Stars formed a fragment of another Power Star; Mario touched it, and the fragment flew up.

On Luigi's side, the two remaining Silver Stars were covered in flames, and they were guarded by four Fire Plants. Luigi equipped the Ice Flower, froze away the Fire Plants and extinguished the flames around the Silver Stars. Luigi got the two Silver Stars, forming the second fragment of the next Power Star. Luigi touched it and sent it to the other fragment. They united, formed the Power Star and flew back to Peach's Castle.

Star #5: Guide the Star

Another Power Star was found. It was inside a crystal ball, and the crystal ball was on a track between Mario and Luigi. Working together by getting rid of everything that was blocking the way of the crystal ball, such as rocks, enemies, etc., the crystal felt on solid ground and broke, freeing the Power Star; the Star flew to Peach's Castle on it's own.

Star #6: Escape from the Flames

Mario and Luigi felt that it was getting more hotter around them. Mario looked behind him and noticed that all the rooms that they passed was been covered in flames and lava. That's not all, the lava was expanding. They both started to run away from the flames. After passing through various obstacles, they reached the end of the temple, saving themselves from the flames and lava. Finally, they found another Power Star. Mario touched it and sent it back to Peach's Castle. Mario and Luigi reunited once again.

- "Mario! We're finally together again!" Luigi shouted.

Final Star: Bowser's Giant Statue

Mario and Luigi found themselves with a Giant statue of Bowser, which started moving on it's own.

" Oh great. Just what we needed" Luigi said gloomly.

The statue tried to attack Mario and Luigi, but they managed to dodged it. Unfortunately, they couldn't damage it on any way due to it's size. However, Mario noticed that there was a way to enter inside the statue.

- "Follow me Luigi!" Mario said.

Luigi followed him behind; they've entered into the statue by a hole found on it's right foot. Inside the statue, there was a lot of mechanism, powered up by Bowser's Minions.

They venture inside the statue, defeating enemies, other types of defenses such as Bullet Bills, destroying cogs and fuses until they inactived the entire statue. Finally, they went to the head, where they found the core. They destroyed it with their hammers, making the statue fall in pieces. They felt safety on the ground, and the statue was left destroyed and covered in flames.

Finally, the last Power Star appeared. Mario touched it and sent it back to Peach's Castle. The portal appeared close to them, and they jumped through, back to Bowser's Castle.

Once they arrived, they saw the last door of the third floor opened, which leads to Bowser's throne room. However, as they expected, they had to take care of a portal blocking the entrance.

- "Master Mario and Master Luigi, we're getting more and more closer on recostructing Princess Peach's Castle to it's former glory, and save the Princess herself. However, I think that there's one more trial that you need to take care of before you take the road to Bowser" Toadsworth explained.

- "We understand Toadsworth. We would not fail you" Mario replied

-" Waoouuu" Yoshi growled at Mario.

- "What is it Yoshi? You want to come with us" Mario asked, and Yoshi nodded at him.

Mario accepted, as well as Luigi.

- "We're all counting on you" Toadsworth said.

And with that, Mario, Luigi and Yoshi jumped through the last portal of Bowser's Castle.

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