Final Bowser Battle (Phase 2)

37 3 1

Stars obtained: 70/70

Big Star recovery: N/A

With the power of the Big star flowing through his body, Bowser got into his spike ball and rolled at Mario and Luigi, willing to finish them on one shot. Mario and Luigi had to run away from him while on their normal state. One single touch by Bowser's sparkling body and they are doomed.

The Power Stars were still flying around the top of the tower. Suddenly, several Power Stars felt to the battleground. Mario moved quickly and grabbed one of them, gaining the invicibility for a short period of time. He then stopped Bowser's rolling movement. Bowser got out of the Spike Ball, giving Mario the chance to stomp him on his head. He then jumped again and stomped him for a second time. After that, the invicibility power vanished from his body.

Bowser got into his Spike Ball and started to pursuit Mario again. Having other Power Stars around the battleground, Luigi grabbed one of them and got the invicibility power. He then stopped Bowser's movement with his hammer and forced him to get out of his Spike Ball. He then jumped to his head and stomped him three times. He got back to normal after that. Bowser gets angry.

Bowser changes his strategy and gets to the middle of the battleground. He then charges his sparkling breath and spits it while moving in circles. His sparkling breath was reaching all parts of the battleground, but Mario and Luigi saved themselves from that attack by jumping.

Bowser stops spitting his sparkling breath and gets into his shell. He then starts to spin on all the battleground. Fortunately, Mario and Luigi managed to grab a couple of Power Stars again. Mario dashed to Bowser and stopped his attack. Having his head out of the shell, Mario ran to him and stomped him several more times, inflicting more damage.

Bowser gets up and starts to jump on many places. He made some shockwaves every time he crushed the ground. Mario and Luigi jumped above those waves to prevent any damage. While at it, Luigi managed to get another Power Star. Aditionally, Luigi ran to Bowser and stomped his head a couple of times. Bowser receives more damage, plus, the sparkling covering his body was getting weaker. Luigi gets back to his normal form.

Bowser changes his attack and starts to teleport. Everytime he appears, he starts to spit sparkling balls at Mario and Luigi, and then he teleports and reappears in another place to do the same attack. Mario and Luigi grabbed themselves some Power Stars again and fought back. Bowser teleported close to Luigi, who got his hammer and hit Bowser with it, sending it to Mario. Bowser felt close to Mario, who jumped and stomped him a couple of times again. Mario and Luigi got back to normal.

Meanwhile, Bowser's Flying Tower was getting closer to Peach's Castle. Many Toads saw the tower from afar and started to panick.

- "Is Bowser! Is Bowser!" A Toad yelled.

Bowser got on his feet and saw Peach's Castle.

- "Gwahahahaha! You see that Mario? Is over! You and green stache already lost! Now surrender, or I'm going to finish you for good!" Bowser shouted.

*Mario and Luigi decided to keep fighting*

- "Gwah! Fine! Have it your way!"

Suddenly, Bowser summoned many of his minions, who were created by the power of the Big Star. There were sparkling Goombas, Bob-ombs and Koopa Troopas.

All the minions tried to attack Mario and Luigi while on their normal state. One touch and both of them will be done for. However, Mario and Luigi managed to prevent their attacks and use the falling Power Stars to fight them back, stomping, kicking, hitting with the hammers, until they got rid of all of them.

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