Final Bowser Battle (Phase 1)

37 5 1

Stars obtained: 70/70

Big Star recovery: N/A

Bowser's Tower was still flying toward Peach's Castle. Yoshi was left behind to guard the Star Ride, Mario and Luigi entered inside the tower, passed all the trials and defeated Kamek on his magical showdown. At last, Mario and Luigi walked toward their final level: Bowser.

They both passed the red doors, climbed some stairs and finally reached the top of the flying tower. The sky was dark, and Bowser was toward them, along with the crystal vessel where Peach is held. Plus, the Big Star was flying above them.

- "Gwahahaha... You're finally here" Bowser said.

- "Bowser... there's no way you can escape now, and neither you will fight only one of us. Now it will both of us against you!" Mario said confidently.

- "There's no way I can escape now? Oh I don't need to escape. In fact, you are the ones that won't be able to escape" Bowser said. "In a few moments, the whole Mushroom Kingdom will be under my control. You two could have just surrender and accept that fact, but you still decided to play the hero and try to stop me. How hilarious".

- "You really talk to much Bowser" Luigi said.

*Bowser growls at him, scaring him on the act*

- "You better watch your mouth! There's no way any green stache will talk to me like the way you just did!"

*Luigi's face turns into a DEATH STARE, scaring Bowser a little bit*

Mario puts his arm on Luigi's left shoulder. Luigi calms himself.

- "Gwaah! I'm tired of all this talking. MARIO... LUIGI!"

*Mario and Luigi turns into a combat position*

- "This is where your journey ends!!!" Bowser shouted while rolling to them in a spike ball".

- "Let'sa go Luigi!" Mario shouted.

- "Okie-dokie Mario!" Luigi replied.

Mario and Luigi jumped out of the way, dodging Bowser's rolling attack. However, Bowser turned to Mario's direction, willing to crush him, but Mario made a sideway jump and passed above him. Bowser then rolls directly to Luigi, who did a side jump too, passing above him; he then ran far away from the Koopa King. Bowser changes direction again and keeps rolling to Luigi, who got his hammer out.

- "There he goes Mario!" Luigi shouted while raising his hammer.

- "I'm ready Luigi!" Mario replied while raising his hammer too.

Bowser got very closed to Luigi, willing to crush him. However, Luigi stopped his movement by hitting him with his hammer. He couldn't inflict any damage, but he had the chance to hit him from below, while still in his spike ball, elevating him a little bit and finally sending it flying to Mario.

Having his hammer raised, Mario hit Bowser and sent it back to Luigi, who hit him back at his brother twice. Mario and Luigi started to use Bowser as a tennis ball. Finally, Mario sent Bowser upward. While in the air, Mario and Luigi jumped simultaneously, reached Bowser and hit him with their hammers at the same time.

Bowser was sent back to the ground. He managed to stand up, but he was dizzy. Having him like that, Luigi hop on his brother's head. Moreover, Mario and Luigi started to roll like a drill, and just like that they felt on Bowser's head, inflicting damage.

Bowser wakes up and roars with angriness. He then spits a fireball at them, but they still managed to dodge it. However, Bowser kept spitting more fireballs. While dodging, Mario was getting closer to Bowser. Once he got close, he tried to hit him with his hammer, but Bowser jumped out of the way and saves himself. He then falls from another part of the battleground and kepts spitting fireballs. Luigi tried to do the same thing as his brother, but Bowser jumped out of the way and felt on another part, still spitting fireballs.

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