World 3: The Blue Beach

55 5 10

Stars obtained: 14/70

Star #1: Scaring the Cheep-Cheeps

Mario and Luigi reached the next world: The Blue Beach. They were inside a cave, and the exit was toward them. They got out of the cave and saw the vast and beautiful Beach. However, it wasn't a good place to stay on vacation since it was only held by Bowser's minions. They could see that the sea was full of Bowser's Ships (not the flying ones).

The Mario Bros. continued onward. During their journey around the beach, they saw a Koopa that was dressed as a pirate; he was been attacked by some fishes called Cheep-cheeps. They were bouncing around him.

"Somebody Help Me!" The Koopa Pirate said.

Mario and Luigi went to his aid. They started to jump on each Cheep-cheep to scare them away, back to the sea. Finally, Luigi managed to scare the last one, and the Koopa Pirate as been saved.

"Are you ok?" Luigi asked to the Koopa Pirate.

"Uuugh... yes... Yes I am... Uuugh... I must thank you for freeing me from those irritating fishes... Wait. Are you by chance Mario?"

"Uuumm... Yes". Mario replied.

"Oh Barnacles! I never though that I'll ever meet the hero of the Mushroom kingdom!".

*Mario felt grateful*

"I'm sorry for asking, but how have you ended like this?" Luigi asked.

"Well mustachioed fellow, is a long story: me and me crew were happily sailing around this seas. While at it, we have found this beautiful beach and we decided to embark. But on the way we saw a group of ships coming toward us. Only one ship was a bit different from the others and it was a bit more bigger. This ship was in front of the others, so I assumed that there was where their captain was. We tried to escape by changing direction, but before we could even go back, something stopped the ship. Suddenly, some weird arms came from the sea and started to destroy the ship. I told me crew to leave the ship and find a safe place at the beach. I tried to grab a boat, but whatever was underwater started to rise the ship, I lost balance and felt to the sea. I managed to swim to a boat that felt from the ship too. Fortunately, there was a pair of oars on it, so I use them to reach this beach. On the way, I was seeing how my ship, along with me crew was been taken from me by the unknown monster and by all those other ships. Finally, I managed to reach this place, and here I am... Hey! Are you two listening to me?"

The Koopa Pirate saw Mario and Luigi playing chest. They react to Koopa Pirate's shout:

"Oh yeah of course! You got your ship stolen by something and ended here" Luigi said nervously.

"Aaaaand... How did you ended been attacked by a lot of Cheep-cheeps?" Mario asked.

"Oh is simple, they were after my lunch". Koopa Pirate said while pointing a plate holding some rice with steak.

"Oh" Mario said.

"Now is your turn to speak: What brought you to a place like this?"

"Well, the Mushroom kingdom got attacked once again by Bowser and--" Koopa Pirate interrupted Mario.

"What? Oh I see. Aaaand are you guys looking for, I don't know, something shiny that looks like a star with black eyes?"

"Wait, you know about the Power Stars in this place? Mario asked.

"Wu-well not exactly" Pirate Koopa replied. "Buuuut"...

Koopa Pirate started looking on his bag, took a Power Star out of it and show it to Mario. Mario touched the Star and sent it back to Peach's Castle. Koopa Pirate started to talk again and said:

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