World 2: Piranha Plant Garden

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Stars obtained: 7/70

Star #1: Save the Toads

Mario and Luigi finally reached the second world: The Piranha Plants Garden. While they were walking around the place, they saw many Piranha Plants doing different things. Some were sleeping, others were trying to bite some Goombas. Also, there were some piranha plants, or in this case, Fire Plants that were burning some Koopa Troopas.

"Hey Luigi. Do you hear that?" Mario asked.

"What is it?" Luigi replied.

"I'm hearing some screams".

The screams were coming from the Toads, the ones that were captured inside the airship that stoled some of the Power Stars back at Peach's Castle, and they were inside a cage. Mario and Luigi saw them and ran to save them. But suddenly, a group of some guys came from nowhere and stopped Mario and Luigi from saving the Toads. Those guys are known as "Spear Guys", and they look like indians.

"Look Mario! Those are Spear Guys!" Luigi shouted.

One of the Spear Guys tried to attack Mario, but Mario got his hammer and hit it, sending it flying away. The other Spear Guys ran to attack both of them. Luigi was trying to get his hammer out, but he accidentally threw it far away, and it felt on a tree. Desperately, Luigi started to run, directly to his hammer, while some Spear Guys were following him behind.

Mario was surrounded, and since he though that all of them will jump on him at the same time, he decided to power-up himself with a Fire Flower. He then started to spin while unleashing fire from his hands, burning all the Spear Guys nearby. The fire power-up vanished,so he got his hammer to keep fighting the rest of the Spear Guys.

Luigi got to his hammer and tried to get it, but it was stuck in the tree. The Spear Guys were getting closer, but Luigi managed to take his hammer out and started to swing his hammer back to the Spear Guys, but since he was scared, he did it in a crazy way. He didn't noticed it until he stopped, but he managed to hit all the Spear Guys, so he started to celebrate.

Mario got rid of the Spear Guys closed to him, and the key of the cage appeared. He got the key and opened the cage to free the Toads. All of them started to celebrate. "Freedom!!!" The Toads shouted. Luigi arrived in time.

"Thank you Mario" one of the Toads said. "You don't know how much we been through inside that airship back at the castle and inside this cage".

"It was nothing Toad" Mario said. "But you have to tell me: Have you seen the princess?".

*The Toad remained silent*

"I think they didn't Mario" Luigi said.

"I'm sorry Mario, but I have something that may help you on your quest".

The Toad got a Power Star out of his pocket. Mario was surprised, but Luigi was thinking in another thing:

" Where does he have his pocket?" He said.

Mario hit his arm with his elbow. He then touched the Power Stars and sent it straight to Peach's Castle.

"Ya-hooo!!!" Mario yelled in celebration. "We got the first star of this world".

Suddenly, The Mario Bros. and the Toads heard a big roar. They looked straight where they heard it; a flying Piranha Plant was flying towards them, but he didn't noticed.

"Everybody, HIDE! The leader Toad said.

Mario and Luigi hid with the Toads under a big tree. The flying Piranha Plant didn't saw them and continued forward. Mario saw that him flying toward a tall windmill.

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