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Stars obtained: 70/70

Big Star recovery: Successful

Toadsworth and the rescued Toads saw Bowser's Tower flying away from Peach's Castle; they all started to cheer because of it. Moreover, they saw all the Power Stars returning to Peach's Castle. The sky looked beautiful due to the light coming from the Power Stars. Finally, all the Power Stars gathered once again at Peach's Castle.

At last, the Big Star finally came. Before entering Peach's Castle, the Big Star descended to the ground. Mario and Peach let the Big Star go, followed by Luigi and Yoshi. The Big Star left them behind and proceeded to the Castle. And with that, Mario and Luigi's quest has ended. All the Power Stars were recovered, and Princess Peach has been rescued. The daylight appeared at the Mushroom Kingdom.

- "Princess Peach! I'm so glad you're ok!" Toadsworth said while running to her.

- "Toadsworth... is great to know that everything is back to normal" Peach replied.

- "Master Mario... seriously, we don't know how to thank you after all the effort you did to save the Mushroom Kingdom. We really are grateful" Toadsworth said.

- "Oh, it was nothing Toadsworth. However, I didn't do this alone. I got a big help from a big superstar too" Mario said while pointing at Luigi.

- "Huh? Oh yeah, hehehe... thanks... Mario" Luigi replied with shyness.

- " Oh yes. The great Luigi. We are also on your debt" Toadsworth said.

*Luigi made a smile*

- "Waauuwauuu" Yoshi growled at Toadsworth.

- "Oh, and we also thank you Yoshi" Toadsworth said.

- "Yeah, we couldn't have never make it if you didn't help us out buddy" Mario confessed

*Yoshi got happy*

Suddenly, Peach focused herself to Mario, Luigi, Yoshi, Toadsworth and all nearby Toads.

- "Listen everyone: I'm sorry for everything that happened during and after Bowser's attack. We know that every single one of you were worried about the future of the Mushroom Kingdom. But thanks to the heroic efforts of Mario, Luigi, and Yoshi as well, we can confirm that everything is going to be as they suppose to be. Now, let's all unite efforts and restore the Mushroom Kingdom" Peach said to everyone.

- "Yahoo, yeah, wait to go!" many Toads said loudly.

- "So what's next for you, Master Mario and Master Luigi" Toadsworth asked.

- "Well, I guess we should go and head back to our home, right Luigi?" Mario said.

- "Okie-dokie bro" Luigi replied.

- "I understand. You've been through a lot already. So go back to your home and take some rest, and may we see each other again, Mario and Luigi" Peach said happily.

Yoshi decided to climb up the Castle's rooftop and take a nap. The Mario Bros. waved their good-byes at Toadsworth and Peach,  and with that, they got back to their home.

Sometime later

Mario and Luigi were at their house, sit in front of their table, drinking some coffee and having a chat.

- "Hey Mario. Is been a while since Bowser's last attack at Princess Peach's Castle. Do you think that she and the others are doing all right?" Luigi asked after taking a drink of his coffee.

- "Hmmm... I'm sure they are" he replied. "The only thing that could ruin their progression is another attack from Bowser, but I don't think that's going to happen anytime soon".

- "You're right bro, but who knows? Maybe he gave up on his world domination plans and kidnapping Peach" Luigi guessed.

- "Well, is not like we could confirm it anyway. We didn't heard anything about Bowser since our last battle".

- "There's a new mail for you!" A Mail Toad shouted from Mario and Luigi's mailbox before he left.

- "I'll go and check" Luigi said.

Luigi got to the mailbox, found several letters in it and got them inside the house.

- "Well? What do we have for today Luigi?" Mario asked.

- "Ok, let's see what we got here: an invitational letter to another Party Game, a letter about a Spaguetti Restaurant, a letter to pay the bills... Hey, there's a letter from Princess Peach!" Luigi said after throwing the other letters.

- "Great! What does it says?" Mario asked.

Luigi opened the letter and started to read:

Dear Mario and Luigi:

Whatever you are doing, I really hope that is going well for you. We know that you've done lots of things for us, and because of that, we want to thank you once again. The Castle and the entire Mushroom Kingdom got back to normal. All the Toads are living in peace and harmony. Toadsworth is still working on the Castle, taking extra care of me, as usual. As for Yoshi, well, he's still wandering around the Castle's rooftop, just like always. The Power of the Stars are stable inside the Castle, and is all thanks to you. I hope we can meet again in the future, but for now, keep moving on with your lifes. Until next time.

Yours truly, Princess Toadstool

- "Sniff sniff... this is sure a beautiful letter" Luigi said with sentiment.

- "Oh bro" Mario said while having his hands on Luigi's right shoulder.

- Waaaaaah! Somebody help me!" A scream was heard outside the house.

- "Huh? What's happening?" Mario asked.

Mario and Luigi got out of the house and tried to find the source of the scream. They found the Mail Toad been bullied by four Shy Guys, who were trying to steal the letters from him.

Mario and Luigi nodded at each other and jumped forward to help the Toad.

Meanwhile, at Bowser's ruined Castle, Kamek and many of Bowser's Minions were around doing some cleaning, thinking that his King would never return. Suddenly, the doors of the Castle's entrance were violently opened, and it was none other than Bowser itself.

- Lord Bowser is back!" A Goomba shouted.

Everyone started to cheer at Bowser, who was walking forward with an angry face.

- Lord Bowser! We thought that we won't be seeing you again!" Kamek telled him happily.

Bowser didn't said a word and kept walking.

- "Lord Bowser?" Kamek said.

Bowser was still not responding. He then entered a room and violently closed the door.

- "Hmmmm... he must be very happy for coming back to his Impenetrable Castle... well, it's actually in ruins, but still..." Kamek said to himself.


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