Bowser's Flying Tower

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Stars obtained: 70/70

Big Star recovery: N/A

Mario, Luigi, Yoshi, Toadsworth and all the Toads managed to reach Bowser's throne room. Bowser was close to his throne, along with Kamek, and with Princess Peach inside the crystal vessel.

- "Gwah! So you made it this far, did you Mario? Looks like that Goomba couldn't get the job done. How dissapointing" Bowser said.

- "Bowser!" Mario shouted.

- "We have defeated all your commanders and recovered all the Power Stars you've stolen! And now we are here to rescue Princess Peach from your evil claws!" Luigi said.

- "That isn't any way to talk to King Bowser! Have some respect!" Kamek said angrily.

Bowser pulled a lever that was close to his throne. The lever opened a big door behind the throne, and the Big Star that Mario was talking about was revealed.

- "Th-that's--?" Mario said breathless.

- "That's right Mario!" Bowser replied. "With the power of this Star, I'll rule all over the Mushroom Kingdom, and there's nothing you and green stache can do to stop me, not even with all the Power Stars that's on Peach's Castle right now... ah yeah I forgot to mention that she's going to be with me on my new kingdom".

- "That's right King Bowser! You rock!"Kamek shouted.

*Mario and Luigi got into combat position*

- "Gwahahaha! I would like to stomp the two of you right here, right now. But unfortunately, I have more important things to do. So long Mario and Green Stache, Gwahahaha!" Bowser said while getting into an elevator with Kamek and Peach.

The elevator got up, into the Tower of Bowser's Castle. Suddenly, the whole castle started to shake, and there were debris falling from the ceiling of Bowser's throne room, like if it was about to collapse.

- "Mario, look out!" Luigi said while pushing Mario, preventing him from been crushed by a debris.

Nobody knew what was happening until they saw the tower elevating and flying away from Bowser's Castle, and it was going toward Peach's Castle.

- "Oh no! He's going back to the Princess's Castle" Toadsworth said desperately. "If something isn't done, then maybe he'll steal all the Power Stars this time!"

- "Then we have to get into that tower and stop Bowser, but how? We don't have any wings with us anymore" Mario said.

Meanwhile, there was something odd happening at Peach's Castle. All the Power Stars were getting out of the Castle and flew directly to Bowser's Castle. They passed around the tower and continued onward. Bowser was watching closely.

- "So Mario and green stache will come to me after all" Bowser realized. "Then I hope they hurry up, Gwahahahaha! Kamek, be ready for anything!"

- "Yes Lord Bowser" Kamek replied.

Meanwhile, at Bowser's Castle, all the Power Stars were flying around the top where Mario, Luigi and everyone else was.

- "Huh? Why all the Power Stars are here? Luigi said.

Suddenly, a part of the Power Stars started to reunited close to Mario, Luigi and Yoshi. After a while, those Power Stars formed a vehicle in form of a Star.

- "Whoa! I wasn't expecting that!" Toadsworth said.

- "But, how's that possible?" Mario asked.

- "That doesn't matter now Master Mario! Right now, you must go with Master Luigi and fly to that tower before it's too late. You should know what to do after reaching it" Toadsworth said.

Mario and Luigi nodded at Toadsworth and hop on the Star Ride. Yoshi followed them behind. Toadsworth, and all the other Toads were cheering for them.

- "All right everyone. Let's work together and find a way to get out of here" Toadsworth said to the Toads.

Finally, Mario, Luigi and Yoshi flew directly to Bowser's Flying Tower.

They arrived and flew directly to an entrance and left the Star ride close to it. They finally entered and started to fight against a big group of Bowser's Minions. Moreover, they used their power-ups to pass many obstacles and trials, did some platforming jumps until they got closed to the top of the tower.

However, there was a certain room they had to pass before they could get to the very top.

- "Yoshi, we are very grateful for all the help you gave us to make it this far" Mario said happily. "But now Luigi and I will take it from here. As for you, we need you to go back to the Star Ride. If something bad happens, then do not doubt on using it to get out of here".

- "Wauwau" Yoshi growled sadly. He didn't want to leave them.

- "Don't be sad Yoshi" Mario said.

- "Uuummm... Yoshi, we don't know what's awaiting for us, and that's why we must go for ourselves. We don't want you to get hurt" Luigi said.

- "I know, let's make a deal: if we don't make it out, then you'll have a chance to warn all the people of the Mushroom Kingdom and save them from Bowser's attack. Do we have a deal?" Mario said.

Yoshi nodded and got back to the Star Ride. Mario and Luigi continued forward.

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