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Two years had passed since the last attack on Princess Peach's castle, located in the Mushroom Kingdom. Bowser, the leader of the koopas, has attacked and invaded the castle; he has stolen all the Power Stars and imprisoned the princess within the castle walls. After that, he unleashed all his minions, gave them some of the Power Stars and ordered them to protect them at any cost. Everything seems lost until a strange mustachioed man with a red cap appeared and discovered the situation on the castle. He then decided to enter the castle, recover all the Power Stars, defeat the koopa king and save the princess from his claws.

After having a hard time adventuring on each worlds on each painting of the castle, he recovered all the stars, defeated Bowser and saved the princess. Finally, all the Power Stars he retrieved got back to their gathering spot, and the Castle's power was completely restored. Peach, the Toads and the mustachioed man decided to bake a cake and celebrate their victory on the Mushroom Kingdom's Castle.

Bowser and his minions retreated from the castle, and the Koopa King was waiting for another chance to strike back with a lot more fury than before. That moment would come after 2 years of the first attack. One day during nighttime, a small group of airships were going straight to Peach's Castle. All the residents of the Mushroom Kingdom were in front of the castle, preparing to celebrate Princess Peach's birthday party. Besides the Toads, there were two more familiar faces, and those were Toadsworth and Yoshi. There's also two more faces that were invited too; one is called Mario, a plumber and the man who saved Princess Peach from Bowser, and the other is Luigi, who is also a plumber and Mario's brother. Together they are called: The Mario Brothers. They were preparing to assist the party, but unfortunately, they were too late.

"Mama Mia Mario!" Luigi said from the living room... "We are going to be late for the Princess birthday party! Have you finished?"

"Shut up Luigi!" Mario said from the bathroom. "I'm trying to make my hair look good!"

"What are you talking about?" Luigi replied. "Why you would brush your hair when we're going with our caps on?"

"Oh, I'm sorry Luigi, but I was talking about my mustache. Remember that it's also made of hair".

"Just hurry up will ya?"

"Now I'm ready Luigi. Mama Mia Luigi! You can't go to the party on your underwear!"

"Whoa! I'll put some clothes right away! Hmm... Hey Mario! What can I use for the party?"

""Your clothes are all the same you spaghetti brain, just like mine but with a different color!"

"You don't need to scream like that!"

"Come on Luigi! Hurry up or we're going to be late!"

"Hey, you made me wait, so now you're going to wait!"

"Grrrrrr" Mario growled while turning red.

"All right, I'm ready! Hey Mario, your face is red, just like your clothes. Have you ate something spicy?"

Mario grabbed Luigi's arm, got him out of the house and directly to the party. Meanwhile, the airships were almost on the castle. One of the Goombas that was commanding one of the ships, and it is known as the captain too, contacted with Bowser.

"Master Bowser. We managed to reach the Castle. Now we wait for your orders".

"Don't attack just yet" Bowser replied from his castle. "Let them celebrate a little bit more. This could be the last time they'll see the Princess celebrating her Birthday".

Everyone at the castle had already started to sing happy birthday to Peach. Toadsworth brought the cake with the candles lighted and put it on a table, and Peach was in front of it. Yoshi was looking at the cake, looking to eat it, but he was trying to wait until the song was over. Mario and Luigi arrived when the song was nearly over. "Hey Mario! We arrived just in time to have some cake" Luigi said.

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