People aren't what they seem

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Christopher no longer felt Hanah in his arms. He woke up and was about to look for her until he saw magical fire swirls in the sky calling his name.
"Christopher.. Oh Christopher.." said the voice giggling. He recognized the voice, when he did, he frowned.
"Come out Annabelle" he said pointing his palm of his hand right at the fire swirls.
"Aww come on! You really don't want to hurt your own sister do you?" said Annabelle appearing right before his eyes from the fire swirls. Christopher still had his hand aimed at her, he made water come out of it but Annabelle moved right out of the way before it could hit her.
"Ah ah ah, I'm gonna take that as a yes" said Annabelle ticking her finger.
"You've hurt me a lot more! Why shouldn't I hurt you?" He said as Annabelle was getting closer
"Don't come any closer" said Christopher still pointing his hand at Annabelle "You know I WILL do it" he said as she got closer.
Annabelle was now face to face with her own brother. She got his hand and slowly put it down.
"Relax" she said "I just wanna talk.." she said turning around walking further away from him. Whenever she walked, she left a trail of flames.
"Could you at least stop leaving flames everywhere?" he said squirting water right at the flames
"Ugh, fine" she said rolling her eyes.
"What do you want?" he said glancing at her
"Oh brother, it's been so long since we've talked" she said sitting down on the floor "Sit! Please.."
Christopher rolled his eyes and sat with his sister watching the Northern Lights.
"Beautiful aren't they?" she asked
"Yeah they are" he answered
"Just like Hanah" she said with a grin
Christopher eyes widen and quickly stood up and again pointed his hand right at her.
"What do you want?!" said Christopher.
Annabelle rolled her eyes. "Im trying to be a good sister by talking to my brother but he just doesnt want to"
"Good sister? GOOD SISTER?! Does a good sister isolate her brother for 5 YEARS?! JUST BECAUSE OF A LAME OLD TELL!?" said Christopher.
"Aww my dear brother, but thats how I found out my power, thanks to you" she said trying to hug him. Christopher rejected her.
"Stay away from me" said Christopher.
"As you want" she said bowing down "Anyways, back to the subject, Hanah, nice little girl, isn't she?"
"You better stay away from her"
"Me? I dont want anything to do with her! I just want you brother. Hansel wants Hanah and I want you"
"You are not Annabelle"
"Then what do you explain the fire swirls all around?"
"Annabelle was NEVER nice since she found out her power, you think you're the most powerful" said Christopher walking away from Annabelle.
Annabelle then again appeared right before Christopher's eyes, thanks to her fire swirls.
"Would you stop doing that?" said Christopher.
"But it's fun!" said Annabelle "Besides you could do it too.."
"I can..?"
"Elsa never taught you, cause she doesnt have much power like we do." She said grabbing his hand. "Join me brother, together we could be the most powerful people ever united!"
"Why not?"
"Cause, Im with Hanah"
"Aww, my brother in love" she said pretending to cry. "But dont get to caught up, she isnt really the nice girl you think she is"
"What makes you say that?"
"Christopher, Ive known her more than you, trust me." she said putting her hand on his shoulder.
"Why? What are you trying to say?"
"Youll see sooner or later. Besides, changing the subject a little bit.. Why are you two out here in the middle of no where?"
Christopher stood in silence looking at her right in the eye.
"Of course, for me.." She said in disgust "well here I am! Go ahead, take me away!" she said raising her hands up in the air. Christopher was about to tackle her but she turned into fire swirls and was right behind him.
"You know.. I could show you how to do that" she said playing with fire in her hands
"I could figure it on my own" said Christopher rolling his eyes
"Whatever you say" said Annabelle turning her back on Christopher "Before I go.."
"You are got going anywhere!" said Christopher finally able to tackle her.
"Why you little!" she said as Christopher was on top of her.
"Your coming with me, back at Arendelle, where you belong" Christopher frowning pinning her on the floor grabbing her two arms.
"Back where I belong?" She laughed "You really think I belong there? Well guess what? I dont. YOU belong there. I belong with my new family now."
"Your new family?" said Christopher raising an eyebrow "Youve been in Arendelle all your life! Just cause you fell in love with Hansel, you think hes the love of your life now. I bet you don't even know him that well!"
"Yes I do!" said Annabelle yelling back
"Oh yeah? Prove it. What's his last name?"
"Of the Southern Isles"
"What's his favorite food?"
"That's YOUR favorite food"
"Whatever, just continue with the questions so I can prove you wrong!"
"Well you have 1 of them wrong so far! Best friend's name?"
"Maybe Joanna?"
"Maybe? I'm gonna consider that one also wrong!"
Annabelle groaned.
"Eye color?"
"Lucky guess"
"Haha told you I know about him!"
"You barely have 2 right! I so far asked you 4 questions!"
Annabelle rolled her eyes "Another question, dear brother?"
Christopher decided to make this question difficult "Foot size?"
Annabelle kept quiet "Foot size doesn't matter.."
"See you have 2 right questions out of 5 questions!"
Annabelle growled and burst into a fire swirls to escape Christopher from pinning her down.
"Ow!" said Christopher since Annabelle burned him when she transformed
"Aww I'm sorry" she said doing a puppy face when she turned back into her normal form "Did I hurt you?"
"No! I just said "Ow!" cause I felt like it" said Christopher covering water on his hand.
"It seems like you forgot that I could do that and do me a favor and quit being such a baby" said Annabelle
"I will until you quit being so full of yourself!"
"Full of myself? Yeah, you're right I am! Cause I use my power whenever I want. And you only use it for good" said Annabelle
"Basically, you're saying that you use your power for evil" said Christopher
Annabelle rolled her eyes crossing her arms "Evil you say? Yeah, I isolated you for 5 years" she started to say as she walked around Christopher in circles. Christopher frown turned sad.
"I agreed to attack our own mother" she continued to say "I joined to be Hans".
Christopher then started to frown again.
"I nearly killed our own aunt" she said smiling. Christpher's eyes widen. "Wait, WHAT?!".
Annabelle ignored him and continued to list everything she's done. "I burned the Mountain Woods for it to kill you" she continued smiling.
"THATS WAS YOU?!" he said in an angry tone "YOU COULDVE KILLED ME AND HANAH!"
"Wasn't that the point?" she said rasing an eyebrow as she stopped walking in circles and put her arms on her hips. "Besides, like I've said, don't think that Hanah is a goody girly." she said getting closer to Christopher.
"People aren't what they seem to be" she said as she was face to face with Christopher.
As she finished saying that she giggled as she turned in fire swirls and dissapeared.
Christopher was standing, thinking of what she meant by that. Is Hanah still evil? Or is his sister just trying to make him fall out of love with her?

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