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Christopher finally reached the rock, and Fierce came out of his hiding spot but there was no sight of Hanah. Christopher looked up when Fierce started to bark up on the mountain and saw Hanah up on the mountain.
"Hey get down from there!" said Christopher.
"Uh yeah about that.." said Hanah "I would but um.. I dont know how.."
"How did you even climb it in the first place then?!" he asked.
"Um..Climbing up and climbing down are different things" she replied.
Christopher rolled his eyes. "Youre such a lier" he said. Hanah giggled.
He then got an idea.
"On the count of three.. if you don't come down here.. I'll make you.." he said.
"Haha!" laughed Hanah. "I'd like to see you try!"
"One.." he said pointing his hand towards her.
"Uh oh.." said Hanah.
"Two.." he said now that water started to come out of his hand straight towards her.
"Dammit! I always forget that you have water powers.." said Hanah.
"Three!" said Christopher. But right when he said it, Hanah jumped off the mountain and landed in his arms.
"Was that some sort of crazy trust excerise?" asked Christopher.
"No, I just didnt want to get wet!" said Hanah pointing to where she was.
Christopher saw that it was dripping wet the spot.
"At least I warned you" he said as he dropped Hanah.
"Hey!" she giggled getting up from the ground.
"Wow now youre giggling that I dropped you? That used to make you mad!" he said raising an eyebrow.
Hanah rolled her eyes while smiling.
"Now youre smiling?!" said Christopher suprised "Woah, whats next?"
"Hmm.. This.." said Hanah as he got Christopher and pushed him to the ground.
"Now I see what you were up to.." he said rubbing his head. "Thats the Hanah I know" he said smiling.
"Again with the smiling?" said Hanah, smiling.
"You're also smiling!" he said.
Hanah giggled. "Whatever"
"Now.. do you want to tell me what was up with you?" asked Christopher shyly.
"You never give up, do you?" said Hanah facing Christopher.
"On you, no" he said looking in her eyes.
Hanah sighed. "It was nothing really.." she said looking at the sky. The sun was still up.
"...Was it Hansel?" asked Christopher.
Hanah reacted when she heard his name. She sighed sadly. "Maybe.."
"Well.. you still didn't tell me what he told you.." he said.
"I-I don't want to talk about it.." she said.
"Come on! You can tell me anything, don't you trust me?" said Christopher.
Hanah didn't know how to answer that question.
"Well.. you always drop me whenever you carry me!" said Hanah.
"But this time you smiled" said Christopher winking an eye.
Hanah gave Christopher a weak smile.
"See? You smiled again" said Christopher.
This time, she giggled.
"Thanks for saving me.." she said a bit shakey looking in Christophers blue eyes.
"You sound a bit nervous.." said Christopher raising an eyebrow.
Hanah gave a weak giggle. "W-Well.. I never saw you so mad.."
He smiled. "Well I was mad that that monster hurt you" he said looking in her green eyes.
"Was it really because of that?" she asked
"Well yeah, Id do anything to keep you save.." said Christopher

Hanah looked away, blushing.

Before Christopher could say anything else, he saw Hanah react by looking around. He then started to look around also.
"Where are we?" he asked. They were where there was a steep mountain.
Hanah didn't answer him. She just continued to look around until she gasped.

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