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"What? What is it?" asked Christopher worriedly.
"Were out of here. NOW." said Hanah going back the other way around.
"But we cant, the fire is over there, this is pretty much the only way we can go" said Christopher
Hanah stopped. "Then do your rain cloud again! Cant you do that?" she asked facing towards him.
Christopher rubbed the behind of his neck. He shook his head. "I-I didnt even know I could do that. I felt something consuming me.. and besides I guess it was since I was pretty mad to see you hurt."
Hanah spinned around in circles. Christopher raised an eyebrow. "Um.. Are you okay?" he asked
She faced Christopher. Christopher saw that she had tears in her eyes.
"Hanah? Whats wrong?" he said as he step foward to hug her.
Hanah declined the hug and wiped her tears away.
"C-Christopher, theres something that I have to tell you.." she started to say.
Christopher nodded, he was now being serious.
"I-I swear that I didn't mean to run all the way here on purpose! I wanted to go the other way!" she said.
Christopher was confused. "What are you talking about?"
"Don't you see?!" she said.
"See what?" he said shrugging his arms.
"I didn't want to get here.." explained Hanah.
Christopher took a step back.
"Wait, so you mean that we're here? This is where Annabelle, Hans and Hansel are?" said Christopher looking around even more.
Hanah gave a slight nod.
Christopher then stopped to look around as he noticed something. "But you said that we weren't almost here.. and that you wanted to take me the other way?!"
"I can explain!" said Hanah. "I can't take it any-"
"Were you lying to me?" said Christopher frowning.
Fierce started to growl at her.
"No!" said Hanah "I mean-"
"Then why did you say that we weren't even close when it was right straight ahead! And why did you want to take me somewhere else?!" said Christopher trying not to yell.
"Would you please just listen?!" said Hanah "Christopher, I-"
Before she could finish, a lightning bolt past right between the two of them, close to hit them.
They turned to see where it came from. Hansel. He didn't say anything, he just stomped straight towards Hanah and grabbed her by the neck.
"Hey!" said Christopher "Let her go!" he said frowning.
Hansel didn't look at him, he just pushed Hanah away from Christopher, she fell to the ground. Hansel walked towards her and harshly picked her up from the ground.
Hansel then looked at Christopher.
"You want her? Come and get her" he said as he still had Hanah by her neck. A tear fell down Hanahs eye as a black cloud began to surround the two of them.
"Christopher, LEAVE!" yelled Hanah as the cloud completely surronded them.
Christopher frowned and ran towards them and jumped in the cloud. Fierce also tried, but by the time he did, the cloud was gone.
Meanwhile with Christopher, it was pitch black in the cloud, he couldnt see a thing but he could hear a conversation.
"What were you thinking?!" said a voice. That sounded familar, Hansel.
"What!? I wanted to tell him!" said another voice. It was Hanah.
Hansel rolled his eyes. "Youre lucky enough that he loves you! If not, he would probably not even save you so good job by making him fall in love with you" said Hansel.
"What?" thought Christopher
Christopher heard Hanah sighing. He couldn't see anything since he was still in the black cloud with them. Then the cloud started to clear up. When the cloud was gone from surronding them, they were somewhere else. It was a room all blue, and very cold. Christopher was on the ground, when he looked up, he saw Hansel still grabbing Hanah by the neck and Annabelle up some stairs and Hans in front of a frozen fountain.
"Welcome Christopher" grinned Hans.

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