Careful who you trust

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"Christopher?" said a voice behind him.
Christopher quickly turned around to see who it is. It was Hanah.
"Oh hey! Um where were you?" asked Christopher rubbing behind his neck.
"Oh um I just took Fierce for a walk.." she said
Christopher turned to see Fierce. He was asleep.
Christopher crossed his arms. "Are you sure about that?" he said pointing to him.
Hanah changed the subject quickly. "Why are you awake?"
"I was about to look for you" he said still frowning.
"Are you sure about that?" she said raising an eyebrow. "Im sure that I heard giggles on the way here.."
Christopher ignored her. "Would you care to tell me where you were?" He said bringing back the subject
"Well um.." said Hanah getting nervous, she then saw that the sun started to come up. "Oh hey! Look at that! The sun is coming up, we should probably get going to find your sister" she said continuing to walk.
Christopher sighed. "I should really be careful of who I trust.." he thought to himself.
The two were silent along the walk. Fierce was running around in circles to catch his tail, and jumping here and there.
"So.." finally said Hanah. "Anything new..?"
"Ive been with you the whole time" said Christopher. "What about you? Do you finally want to tell me where you went last night?"
Hanah looked down to the ground not saying a word. Christopher rolled his eyes and continued to walk faster leaving Hanah behind.
"Hey!" she said catching up. "You don't even know where we're going"
"Yeah, so? I could find her again with, or without you" he blurted out frowning walking even faster with Fierce following him. He then stopped walking covering his mouth noticing what he has just said.
"What?!" said Hanah with her eyes wide.
Christopher glared at her for a bit, rolled his eyes and continued to walk away. Hanah ran to him and grabbed him by his arm.
"What do you mean by 'again'?!" she said looking into his blue eyes.
Christopher frowned and struggled his arm to escape her and again started to walk away.
Hanah frowned and crossed her arms
"So does that explain the giggles I heard last night?!" she asked crossing her arms. Christopher stopped walking for a moment but then continued to walk again. Hanah frowned and ran to where Christopher was and tackled him by getting of top of him.
"Hey!" he said frowning
"I asked you, what do you mean by 'again'?!" said Hanah in an angry tone.
"Why do you care?!" yelled Christopher as he squirted water at Hanahs face.
Hanah backed up by getting off of Christopher to clean her face from the water.
"Ugh! You little-" started to say Hanah
"'You little'?" said Christopher turning back to her. "Isnt it funny how I heard a voice last night say the exact same thing?" he said walking forward to Hanah. "The funniest thing is that, the voice sounded JUST like Hansel, weird isnt it?" he said with a chuckle. Hanah had fear in her eyes since Christopher actually knew what happened last night. She kept walking backwards since Christopher kept on walking forward towards her until she bumped into a tree that was behind her.
They were face to face. "I guess you and Hansel really are alike.." said Christopher as he pinned Hanah against the tree.
"I KNOW what you did last night, Hanah" said Christopher looking at her lips and back into her eyes. "But you just dont want to tell me.." he said cupping her chin. Hanah tried to look away, but Christopher kept looking at her, which made her struggle with that.
"C-Christopher!" she finally said. "Dont make me-"
"Dont make you what?" said Christopher getting closer to her face. "Its not like you have any powers!" he said with a smirk.
Hanah gasped sadly of what Christopher just said, she looked down at the ground with a tear rolling down. Christopher shook his head of what he knew what he has done. He backed away, when he did, Hanah went down to the ground, crying. She buried herself against her knees. Christopher felt guilty. He then kneeled besides her.
"I-I'm sorry, Hanah.." he said trying to put his arms around her.
"Stay away from me.." She said moving a bit on the other side.
"I-it's cause y-you didnt want to tell me where you were last night!" he explained.
"Well, didnt you already know?" she said uncovering herself from her knees.
Christopher sighed since he now knew that she was with Hansel.
"What about Annabelle? What did SHE tell you?" She asked looking at him.
Christopher frowned. "What did Hansel tell you?"
"I asked first!" she said getting off the ground.
"Well, ladies first!" said Christopher also getting off the ground as well.
The two faces were one inch apart. They were looking in each others eyes. Christopher couldnt resist himself and leaned in closer for a kiss. Hanah was about to do the same. Fierce was wagging his tail and covered himself with his paws when he saw the two about to kiss, but then he uncovered himself and started to growl. The two stopped from Fierce's growling, before Hanah could say anything, a laughter was heard..
"Would you look at that!" said a shadow that was next to the tree.
At that moment, fire swirls appeared next to the shadow.
"And they told me not to kiss a person you just met!" said a voice giggling underneath the tree's shadow.
Christopher gasped in shock when he noticed the two. Hanah just kept on glaring at the two until they appeared who they were. Annabelle and Hansel.

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