The talk

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Hours sleeping passed..
Hanah woke up from whispers.
"Hanah.. Hanah... WAKE UP YOU LITTLE-" said a voice. She knew exactly who it was. She slowly escaped from Christopher's arms and followed the voice which lead her back in the middle of the woods.
"It was about time.." said the voice. It realived who it was. Hansel.
"What do you think you're doing?" he said pushing Hanah
"What are you talking about?" she said frowning
"You know exactly what I'm talking about!" said Hansel
"No, I don't" said Hanah looking away
"Don't you dare act that way with me!" said Hansel
"I can if I want to" said Hanah face to face with her brother now.
Hansel was frowning and then it turned into a smile. Hanah didn't like it when her brother smiled. It meant that he was up to no good.
"W-What do you want?" said Hanah
"Me? Oh nothing.. JUST YOUR LITTLE BOYFRIEND!" said Hansel
"He's not my boyfriend!" said Hanah making fists in her hand
"It looks like he is"
"Well hes not!"
"If he isn't, then why aren't you following the plan that our dad told us?!" said Hansel
Hanah stood in silence.
"Well, what a suprise" said Hansel crossing his arms "Well not really a suprise, I knew it all along." he said spinning Hanah in circles
"Can't we stop doing this? You have Annabelle and I have Christopher.. Happy ending!" said Hanah looking at Hansel spinning her in circles.
"Happy ending? HAPPY ENDING?!" said Hasnel, he then got Hanah by her shirt "I'm guessing that YOUR happy ending is not meeting our mom!" he said in an angry tone. Hanah struggled to escape.
"But, happy endings can come from love!" said Hanah.
"You're starting to sound like Annabelle" said Hansel storming off a few steps away.
"But.. don't you love her?" she asked
Hansel laughed "You really think I love her?"
"Don't you..?"
"Of course not!.. I-Im only doing this for dad! And so should you!" said Hansel turning around
"No.." said Hanah
Hansel turned back to look at Hanah.
"No? What do you mean 'No'?!" He said making a lightning bolt in his hand. When Hanah saw that he had the lightning bolt in his hands, there was fear in her eyes. Hansel grinned evilly. "You know that I could care less about hurting you, just like last time, but this time.. It wouldnt be acting".
Hanah frowned
"Try me" she said right in front of Hansel's face.
Hansel sighed. "You know that I never want to hurt you" he said and then he started to hug his sister.
"It doesn't look like that" she said. Hansel frowned as he pulled apart from the hug.
"Well, you're just gonna have to live with it" said Hansel grabbing her chin.
"I don't know why people compare me with our dad, when your the real monster.." said Hanah
"Oh please, and your saying that you act like our mom" said Hansel
"We never even met her!" said Hanah
"But we're trying to!" said Hansel "But thanks to you, you're starting to fall in love" he said starting to walk away.
"I DONT LIKE HIM!" said Hanah
Hansel smiled. "Good. Besides.." He continued "Don't forget that if Christopher finds out what you're doing, he'll hate you forever. So.. just to make sure that you know what to do now.. Unless you want to get heartbroken"
Hanah gasped and frowned looking at Hansel. Hansel stepped away from Hanah, laughing and a black cloud appeared and when the black cloud disappeared, so did Hansel.
Hanah stood there in the darkness, unsure of what to do.

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