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"It's funny how you two were fighting a second ago and now look!" said Hansel pointing at the two. "Now its a romantic scene.." he said in disgust.
Annabelle giggled "I guess someone didnt listen to my advice.." she said looking at Christopher. Christopher sighed looking at the ground.
"What advice?" asked Hanah looking at Christopher.
Christopher ignored Hanah.
He couldnt think straight, he didnt know if Annabelle was telling him the truth, or was she just trying to get to him?
Christopher glared at Annabelle.
"Why should I believe you?!" he yelled at her.
Annabelle smirked. "Why shouldnt you believe your own sister?"
"You dont act like my sister" he said making fists in his hands.
Annabelle saw that he started to make water in his hand, which caused her to frown.
"Ha! I feel sorry for you for having a sibling who has powers" said Hansel.
Hanah frowned.
"At least Christopher can be a better brother than you" said Hanah crossing her arms when raising an eyebrow.
Hansel frowned. "Why you little-" he said as he walked forward to Hanah.
"Why 'you little', huh?" said Christopher with a chuckle "didnt you call her that last night?"
Hansel glared at Christopher as he did too.
"Christopher being a better brother?" said Annabelle raising her eyebrow. "Please! I know him, and trust me, he is NOT" she said to Hanah.
Christopher rolled his eyes.
"Yeah, just like youre not a good sister" he said crossing his arms.
"I tried to be!" said Annabelle getting closer to Christopher.
"It doesnt look like it!" said Christopher also getting closer to her.
"Well maybe youre just blind enough not being able to see it!" said Annabelle taking one step closer.
"And maybe youre blind enough not being able to see that you didnt care about me!" said Christopher stomping his last step.
"Oh, I did see that" said Annabelle smirking.
"What the heck then?! How is THAT a good sister?!" said Christopher.
"You deserved it!" she said bursting into flames.
"Just by a lame old tell?!" he said as water started to surround him.
"I told you not to tell!" she said getting hotter.
"But-" said Christopher as a few raindrops began to fall.
Hansel looked at the two back and forth, he sighed.
"ENOUGH!" said Hansel exploding lightning bolts everywhere. Hanah dodged them since they were about to hit her. "Will you two just PLEASE shut up?!" he said burying himself in his hands.
"But she-" said Christopher
"But he-" said Annabelle
"I. Dont. Care!" said Hansel breathing heavily.
Hanah rolled her eyes. "What are you even doing here anyways?"
Hansel looked at his sister. "I always have to keep an eye on my sister" he said with a smirk.
Hanah crossed her arms. "Just on me? Or is it Christopher too?"
Hansel made fist in his hands. Hanah giggled when she saw Hansel get mad.
"Why you little" he said as he began to take one step forward to her.
"Again with the 'Why you little'?" said Christopher "Cant you call her something nicer?"
Hansel looked at Christopher and rolled his eyes and looked back at Hanah, who was smiling.
"Why you adorable sister I have" said Hansel sarcastically. He looked back at Christopher. "Happy?"
Christopher gave him a wink which made Hansel groan.
Hanah then noticed something.
"Hey Christopher"
"We're here in the middle if no where just to find your sister right?"
Christopher looked at Annabelle standing right there. "Uhh yeah.."
"If shes right here.. Dont you think that right now would be a good time to get her?"
Christopher blinked as he noticed what an idiot he was.
"Oh thanks for the heads up!" said Annabelle turning into fire swirls.
Hansel sighed as she disappeared into thin air.
"Sucks that you dont have that power" said Hanah smirking.
Hansel scold at her and began to leave walking away.
"Uh.. Should we let him escape?" said Christopher
"Meh, we'll see them where theyre staying" said Hanah as she began to walk away and head towards the direction. Fierce sat there in confusion of what has just happened, but when he saw that the two began to leave, he panted happily and followed them from behind.

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