The Plan

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Christopher set Hanah on a couch next to the fireplace.
"Gee, I just got hit by a lightning bolt and what I need is more heat. Thanks" she said sarcastically.
Christopher frowned. "Well at least Im trying to help" he said.
He got an idea and went to the dining room and got a cup. He went back to were Hanah was but when he got there. She was gone.
"Great.." he thought. He was about to yell out for her but when he turned around, she was right behind him.
"Boo!" she said making Christopher jump and drop the cup. As the cup was about to fall, Christopher made a water pillow to make the cup fall on top of it. The water brought the cup back into Christophers hands and then it got in the cup.
"Umm here.. A glass of water" said Christopher nervously.
Hanah took the cup.
"Thanks" she said as taking a sip out of it. She sat down back on the couch and Christopher just stood there staring at her.
"Well? Are you just gonna stand there?" said Hanah "Sit down".
Christopher did as he was told and was silent.
"You dont talk much do you?" said Hanah.
"What are you?" asked Christopher.
"Im a person, what does it look like?" answered Hanah.
Christopher rolled his eyes. "No no, I mean, whats your power?" he asked.
Hanah looked down at the floor and sighed. "I dont have any powers.." she answered after a long time of silence.
"Ohh.. But.. Your brother has powers and that big cloud-"
"I said I dont have any powers" Hanah repeated. "I dont know why.." she said sadly.
Christopher was silent again, until Hanah started to talk again. "Um, can you show me your power?" she said grabbing Christophers hand onto her lap. Christopher looked at her eyes, they were green. Just like Hans. Christopher looked at his palm and started to make water come out of it. He looked up to see Hanahs reaction. She was amazed. He then made the water go around her in circles. She giggled. He started to smile. He then stopped as someone came in the door. It was Elsa, Anna and Kristoff. When he stopped controlling the water, it started to rain inside the room. Everyone ignored it as they waited for someone to speak.
"What is SHE doing here?" said Kristoff.
"Where is Annabelle?" asked Anna.
"I-I can take you.." said Hanah.
"No, she is still too weak.." said Elsa.
Kristoff looked back at Anna and saw that she could barely control her balance. He then carried her, as he did she fell asleep in his arms.
"Im gonna take her to our room" said Kristoff walking away.
Elsa nodded and as Kristoff left the room, she closed the door and sat on the couch next to them.
"Listen.. You two have to look for Annabelle.. ALONE" said Elsa.
"ALONE?!" Christopher and Hanah said at the same time.
Elsa nodded. "I need to stay in Arendelle in case if they come back.. Kristoff needs to take care of Anna.." she explained. Christopher and Hanah looked at each other worriedly.
"You two will be fine.." said Elsa. "Christopher.. you have sorcery, that can protect you in case of danger.. As for you Hannah, you need to show the way..". The two sighed and then looked at each other and back at Elsa and nodded. Elsa smiled.
"Good that you two agreed, Ill pack the things up" she said as leaving the room.
"So.." said Hanah.
"We're going to travel alone.." said Christopher.
Hannah frowned. "Dont think that its going to be one of those love stories, that two people go on a journey together and fall in love" said Hanah.
Christopher laughed "I wouldnt dream of it" he said

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