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Meanwhile, back at Arendelle..
Anna and Kristoff were in Arendelle's hospital since Elsa got knocked out by Annabelle and Hansel. The two were in the room next to her, still uncontionues
"I cant believe Annabelle would do such a thing.." said Anna with tears in her eyes.
Kristoff wiped her tears away and hugged her closly. Anna buried herself in his chest.
"Its alright.." said Kristoff "Elsa is strong.. She'll be alright" he said trying to comfort Anna as she cried quietly on his chest. The doctor them came in.
Kristoff gently pulled Anna away for them to talk.
"Is she alright?" said Anna sniffing.
The doctor sighed. "She is lucky that she is strong.. The lightning did affect her but not as much as the fire.. The fire nearly burned her from the inside"
"But Annabelle said she didnt want to do that.." said Anna
"Well then, she must be more powerful than the Queen Elsa" said the doctor
"But she'll be alright.. right?" said Kristoff worriedly.
The doctor chuckled. "Yes, she is alright, but very weak indeed.." He said. "You two need to take good care of her, when she wakes up, you can all leave" said the doctor leaving the room.
Kristoff sighed in relief but Anna was red.
"Are you okay?" asked Kristoff getting close to her.
"UGHH!" scream Anna putting her arms in the air. "THE TWO ARE SO GONNA PAY FOR THIS!" she said as she was about to talk out the room.
"Woah Woah Woah Feisty Pants!" said Kristoff grabbing Anna by her waist. But Anna struggled to escape free, Kristoff then thought of something that could make her stop struggling. "Dont you want to wait until Elsa wakes up?" he said. Anna then stopped struggling and sighed. She nodded
"Yeah, I guess I do" she said.
Kristoff smiled and put her back on the ground.
"Thanks for calming me down.." said Anna wrapping her arms around Kristoffs neck.
"I love you" said Kristoff setting his hand on Annas waist.
They both leaned in for a kiss, but stopped when they heard a cough.
They two quickly pulled apart from the kiss and look around to see who coughed. It was Elsa.
"Elsa!" squealed Anna hugging her.
"Uh.. How long have been awake!" said Kristoff running his hand through his hair.
"Lets see.." said Elsa thinking "About when Anna screamed"
Anna blushed. Elsa giggled.
"The doctor said we can take you out when you wake up, do you want to go now?" asked Kristoff.
Elsa got up and nodded.
"OH YEAH LETS GO GET ANNABELLE AND HANSEL BACK!" said Anna running out of the room
"BUT ANNABELLE IS OUR DAUGHTER!" yelled Kristoff back.
Anna peeked through the door.
"We can ground her" she said with a smile and ran back in the hallway.
"WOOOOO!" heard Kristoff and Elsa.
"Here we go again.." said Kristoff.
"Well she is right, we have to pay a little visit to them all.." said Elsa with a grin.
Kristoff thought for a moment as they started to exit the room.
"Wait, but only Hanah knew where they were!"
"AWWWW MAN!" heard Elsa and Kristoff.
Elsa giggled. "If we were dumb enough like Hans.. where would we go?"
They all thought for a moment.
Then Anna cane running back to them.
"I got it!" she said joyfully "The North Mountain!"
Elsa winked her eye at her.
"Is it really that dumb enough?" said Kristoff face palming himself.
"No, maybe he isnt.." said Elsa "But maybe he wants us to know where they are.."

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