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They all finally got back to the castle. The sun was about to rise. Kristoff set Annabelle to her bed and Christopher went to his bed and changed into his Pjs, thinking about everything that has happened. Anna tucked him in and gave him a good night kiss.
"Pretend like everything was normal" Anna whispered to him.
Christopher weakly nodded his head.
How could he pretend like nothing happened?
Kristoff and Anna left the room. Christopher couldn't stop thinking about that they also had powers like his aunt Elsa. Christopher tried to make the water appear again but he couldn't. He didn't know how it came out in the first place. It's like as if he couldn't control it. Christopher quietly got out of bed and left his room. He wanted to talk to Elsa about his power. Christopher tiptoed to her room but before he could knock the door he heard whispers inside.
"What were you thinking?!" he heard a voice say. It was his dad, Kristoff.
"I was thinking to do the right thing" he heard a voice say. It was his aunt, Elsa.
"But why?! I mean Annabelle isn't going to remember anything and if we did the same to Christopher, it would all be back to normal!" Said another voice. It was his mom, Anna.
"Anna, sooner or later, they WILL know what they're capable of. Their powers can't hide forever. With Annabelle was the correct thing to do since she nearly tried to burn her brother. But with Christopher, I have a feeling that he needs to remember this" Elsa finished.
"I guess your right" said Anna.
"Yeah maybe she is" said Kristoff.
"Its best for two to get going" said Elsa. "After all it is Christophers and Annabelles Birthday today..".
"Oh my gosh! It is!" said Anna "Come on lets go!".
Christopher heard footsteps coming closer to the door. He hid behind the curtains and heard that the door opened and footsteps were going downstairs. He totally forgot that it was his birthday. But still, Christopher came out of the curtains, he still wanted to talk to Elsa. He went inside her room since Anna forgot to close the door. Elsa was sitting on her bed reading a book.
"Um Elsa?" said Christopher quietly.
Elsa jumped when she heard her name.
"Christopher! You startled me.." she said. "Um exactly how long where you here?".
"Oh um just now.. Like.. Now now haha" he said faking a laugh.
"Aha of course" Elsa said with a laugh. She closed her book and set it on her bed and hugged Christopher.
"Happy Birthday!" she said.
Christopher hugged back. "Thanks" he said.
"You should still be asleep.. What brings you here?" said Elsa.
"Um well.. You know alot about sorcery" said Christopher "And well, I can't seem to get my powers to come out"
Elsa started to smile "I'm guessing that you're concealing it. Its easy. Just 'Let It Go'" she said making snow flurries in her hand.
"Let It Go?" said Christopher confused.
"Let it go, let it go, can't hold it back anymore! Let it go! Let it go!" sang Elsa making more snow flurries.
At that moment Christopher saw water coming out of the palm of his hands. The water started to travel the whole room.
"I can't control it!" said Christopher worried.
Elsa froze the water and made it disappear.
"We may need to work on that" said Elsa.
Christopher nodded and then he saw that the sun was already up. His parents were gonna walk in his room any second!
Christopher thanked Elsa and ran back to his room when he was he heard footsteps coming upstairs, he ran even faster and went in his room, jumped in his bed and right when he did, the door swung open hearing "HAPPY BIRTHDAY!". He pretended as if he was sleepy and got up from his bed and saw his mom and dad there. He turned to see if Annabelle was awake and she saw rubbing her eye yawning.
Kristoff carried Annabelle and Christopher and hugged them tightly and Anna joining the group hug.
"Oh oh! Get changed!" said Anna "We have a big surprise for you two!"
Kristoff put them down for them to get changed. Anna and Kristoff left the room. Christopher went to his closet to pick out clothes and saw that Annabelle was doing the same.
"What do you think the surprise is?" said Annabelle happily.
Christopher didn't know how to react. He tried react normal.
"Haha, I guess we'll see when we get there" said Christopher with a laugh.
Annabelle giggled and nodded. She got changed and so did Christopher. They both went downstairs. Everyone was there: the servants, Anna, Kristoff, Olaf and Elsa. The gates were closed. They never went outside since they were still little. They only peeked out the window. The castle was decortated with Balloons, streamers and party supplies. And a cake that was enough for everyone in the castle. Everyone had a good time. Christopher wanted to be with Elsa to talk more about sorcery but he knew that it wasn't the time for that. In that case he had to get the hang to be with Annabelle again like if nothing happened. He always has to be there for her. After all, they are siblings..

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