Annabelle and Christopher

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"Hmm well.." said Kristoff and Anna both thinking.

"I like Christopher" said Anna.

"You do?" Said Kristoff suprised

"Well yeah, thats how I called you when we first met" explained Anna

"Oh yeah! When the wolves chased us!" said Kristoff excited.

"Wait, wolves?!" said Elsa shocked

"Christopher it is!" said the doctor

"Now what about the girl?"

"Your turn to choose a name" said Anna to Kristoff

"Hmm well umm.. How about Kristan?" Said Kristoff.

"Kristan sounds nice" said Elsa with a smile.

"No." Said Anna

"Aww but come on! Christopher and Kristan, it can rhyme! Even Elsa likes it!" explained Kristoff.

"Once again, 'No'" said Anna

"Fine.." said Kristoff thinking "Hmm how about.. Annabelle?"

"Annabelle?" Repeated Anna.

"Yeah, it sounds like your name and it means 'Lovable and graceful' just like her" explained Kristoff.

"Aww, how sweet!.. But no" said Anna.

"Aww come on really?!" said Kristoff.

"I'm just kidding!" said Anna "Okay, Annabelle it is"

"Annabelle and Christopher of Arendelle.. Yeah it has a ring to it.." said the Doctor.

Elsa got a hold of Annabelle and Christopher looking at them and even though Kristoff told her that he didn't think that they'll have powers she was still worried wondering if they'll also have powers just like her..

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