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Christopher and Hanah were walking around in the woods.
So.. exactly where are they?" asked Christopher.
"You'll see, I want it to be a suprise" said Hanah.
"A suprise? I dont think I like the sound of that.." said Christopher.
Hanah laughed, "I mean that its a beautiful sight when we get there"
"Oh well um I guess that makes since" said Christopher unsure.
Christopher and Hanah walked together to get where Annabelle, Hans and Hansel were until it was getting late.
Hanah yawned "Dont you think its time for us to stop and rest now?" she said sleepy.
Christopher didnt want to stop but he was worried about Hanah.
"Alright then sleepy head" Christopher said with a laugh. He sat down and got his backpack, the one which Elsa packed for them, and found a tent inside of it. The two started to build the tent and then when it was finished, they went inside.
Hanah was about to sleep in the tent but when she was, she wanted to ask Christopher a question.
"Hey Christopher..?"
"Yeah?" He turned to look at her.
"Um.. Why do you want to save Annabelle? Shes isolated you for 5 years.."
Christopher sighed. "Because shes my sister..".
The two started to fall asleep. Then in the middle of the night, a noise woke both of them up.
"What was that?" Asked Hanah
"Ill go check" said Christopher getting out of the tent. When he got out he saw nothing but darkness but he then stared into the darkness and saw yellow glowing eye.
"Oh no.." said Christopher getting back in the tent.
"What is it?" asked Hanah. When she asked they heard growling.
"Does that answer your question?" said Christopher.
"Wolves.." said Hanah. The wolves started to attack the tent and then they managed to make a hole in it enough to bite them. Hanah got close to Christopher putting her head on his chest. Christopher put his arm around her just to protect her.
"Umm water boy! You there?" said Hanah as the wolves tried to get in the tent.
"Oh yeah! I forgot!" said Christopher as he raised his hand to where the wolves and squirted water at them. Some wolves left, but there was one that didnt give up no matter how much water he squirted at him.
"Looks like plan B" said Christopher getting a knife out of the backpack, when he did the wolf snatch the backpack away and started to look through it.
"Wait what are you going to do?" asked Hanah.
"Relax, Im just gonna make a hole for us to escape" said Christopher making a hole in it. The hole he made was big enough for them to escape. But when they did the wolf noticed and got Hanah by her leg.
"Ow!" said Hanah as she kicked the wolf. Kicking him made him whimper. "Aww poor guy!" said Christopher.
"Poor guy?! He just bit me!" yelled Hanah. Christopher saw the mark.
"Yikes.." he said "A little water should heal it better". He took his finger and touched the mark, when he did, water started to surround it and it got inside the mark. "Ow!" shouted Hanah "Showoff..".
"Sorry.." said Christopher. He then turned to the wolf who was still whimpering. He had a bruise in his eye from the kick. Christopher did the same to the wolf which cause him to howl. "Shh" said Christopher "its alright" he said petting him. He stand up and went to where the backpack was. It was torn into pieces, luckily they had sandwichs. Christopher took the meat out and gave it to the wolf.
"Youre giving him our sandwiches" said Hanah
"I know" said Christopher in a calm tone.
Hanah rolled her eyes "If we die out here, I can guess that itll be your fault"
"My fault? Whos the one who scared nearly all the wolves?" said Christopher.
"Yeah. 'Nearly'. not all of them." said Hanah pointing to the wolf.
"He was just hungry" said Christopher
"Yeah, hungry for us!" said Hanah looking at her Christopher and back at the wolf
"You wouldve done the same if you were a wolf" said Christopher. Christopher carried Hanah since she couldnt really walk still. When they began to walk, the wolf was following them.
"Shoo! Shoo!" said Hanah trying to kick the wolf. The wolf started to growl.
"Dont make it angry! Lets just let it follow us." said Christopher. Hanah rolled her eyes. "Fine, but Im not getting near it" said Hanah.
Hanah told Christopher in which direction to go through. Hours have passed.
"Its been like 5 hours now.. Can you walk on your own now?" Asked Chrsitopher. Hanah started to laugh.
"Whats so funny?" asked Christopher.
"Its just that, I couldve walked all by myself like 4 hours ago!" said Hanah laughing. Christopher got mad and let her go causing her to fall on the floor.
"Hey!" said Hanah.
"Payback" said Christopher.
"Payback.." he thought getting a flashback of that his sister was about to attack him.
"Christopher? Christopher..?" said Hanah waving her hand up and down in front of Christophers blue eyes.
"Oh yeah?" said Christopher shaking his head.
"You kind of dozed off.. Was it about your sister?" asked Hanah. Christopher sighed and changed the subject.
"What way do we go now?" said Christopher.
"Up there" said Hanah point up to the North mountain..

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