Somethings up

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"I find it funny how Annabelle and Hansel take like 5 minutes to go back to where theyre staying and we are taking like a week just to go to the place" said Christopher sitting on a rock after they had a long walk.
Fierce was playing with a pebble he found beside Christopher. He wagged his tail whenever he touched the pebble.
Hanah frowned. "Well Im sorry that I only know the long way to get there. Only Hansel and dad knows the shortcut" she said crossing her arms.
"Why dont you know it?" asked Christopher raising an eyebrow.
"Uh.. Cause.... I-I like the long way!" she finally said.
"Who likes to go the long way?" said Christopher
"Me" said Hanah crossing her arms. "So, if you want to get there already, you can get your lazy butt off the rock and we can continue to walk"
Christopher groaned.
"On second thought, lets stay here for a while" he said rolling off the rock and onto the ground laying down.
Hanah let out a laugh and fell down to the ground next to Christopher.
"So it takes you one week to get back to the place?" asked Christopher as he saw the sky blue.
"Well.." she said looking up as well. "Not exactly.."
"What do you mean?" he said
"Well I mean uh I go nonstop, thats why I usually get there um a bit faster" she explained.
"Huh, figures" said Christopher as Fierce curled up into a ball between them.
"Wait, but arent you from the Southren Isles?" he asked
"Gosh, is everything you do is ask questions?" laughed Hanah
"Haha sorry, Im just wondering" said Christopher.
Hanah looked at Christopher.
"Yes, Im from the Southren Isles" she said.
"Soo doesnt that make you a princess? You know, since your dad is a prince.." said Christopher.
"Its sorta complicated, but yeah I guess you can say Im a princess" said Hanah.
Christopher smiled.
"Why are you smiling?" she asked
"Ohh nothing.." he said still smiling
"Well then.." she said.
There was a long pause.
"Can you stop smiling? Its freaking me out" she said scooting over a bit further from him.
"Why?" he said smiling and scoot over closer to Hanah.
"J-Just stop" she said scooting over more
"But why?" He said getting closer
"S-Stop smiling!" she said standing up.
"Im not gonna!" he said also standing up.
Hanah ran in circles with Fierce in the middle and with Christopher chasing after her. Fierce spinned his head watching the two running away from each other and got dizzy.
Christopher finally catched her and when he did, the two tripped. Christopher was on top of Hanah.
"Well.." she said
"This is awkward.." he said "I mean, not you're awkward, but just cause we're.. I'm awkward, your're beautiful.. Wait what?"
Hanah laughed and looked in Christophers eyes.
"And you're gorgeous" she said with a weak smile.
Christopher smiled.
All of a sudden Hanah got a flashback of her conversation with Hansel.
"You know what to do now.. unless you want to get heartbroken" 
Hanah shook her head. "Wait, what did I just say?" she said realizing.
"You called me gorgeous" said Christopher.
"B-but.." she said hesitating. "N-no.. this can't be.."
Christopher's smiled dissapeared. "What's wrong?"
"G-get off of me now.. please.." she said pushing Christopher off.
Hanah stood up and crossed her arms, worrying.
"No no no no.." she said whispering to herself.
Christopher raised an eyebrow.
"What? What is it?" he asked raising his voice a bit louder.
"N-nothing.. I-its nothing.." she said in a bit normal tone.
Christopher crossed his arms, "Its doesnt sound like nothing" he said frowning.
"Look, lets just continue our way to the place" said Hanah
"Oh so now you want to go?" said Christopher
"Youre the one who always wants to stop to rest for a while!" she said nearly yelling.
"Fine then, lead the way!" he said bowing down.
Hanah glared at him and went ahead.
"Geez, girls.." said Christopher to Fierce.
"I HEARD THAT!" yelled Hanah.
Christopher rolled his eyes and ran to her side.

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