Its Time

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Elsa explained the whole thing to Christopher, about the whole 'Frozen' thing. About Hans. That he got engaged with his mom a day they just met, but his plan was to kill Elsa and take over Arendelle.
"And why are you telling me this now?" asked Christopher.
"Cause Kai, out servant, was walking making sure everything was ok, and saw him. Hans." explained Elsa.
Christopher wasnt sure about how to worry about this. Worried or scared. Either way he had to find his sister. Suddenly when he was helping Elsa find Annabelle. They heard a scream. It was Anna.. Christopher and Elsa went running to where they heard the scream and saw a crowd of people in a circle covering the incident. Christopher and Elsa made their way threw the crowd and saw Anna on the floor and Kristoff bending down to help her up. Christopher turned to see who had done that to his mom. When he turned the opposite way around, he couldnt believe it. Hansel, Hanah AND Annabelle were there. But also a man who looked much older was behind them.
Elsa gasped. "Hans.." she said in fear. She tried to control her powers for Annabelle not to notice that she has sorcery. Elsa ran to Anna, who was on the floor, to help Anna. Christopher just stood there not knowing what was happening. He saw his mom there on the floor knocked out because of those four.
"Finish them" whispered Hans.
"Huh?" thought Christopher.
Then he saw that Hansel was making a lightning bolt and was about to throw it to them!
"Uh oh.. Um.. ELSA!" screamed Christopher as Hansel threw the lightning bolt straight towards them!
Elsa looked where Christopher was standing and saw the lightning bolt coming right at them. She quickly got by Christophers side and made an ice wall to protect them. The lightning bolt hit the ice wall causing it to shatter into a million pieces.
As the wall broke, Christopher saw Annabelle shocked and then into a frown. There was silence.
"Come on, we should get your mom back to the castle" said Elsa.
Christopher nodded and Kristoff carried Anna about to make his way to the castle. Christopher looked back at Annabelle to wait for her.
"Annabelle.." said Christopher.
Annabelle laughed. "Do you really think that I want to go back?" said Annabelle.
"Wait, WHAT?!" said Christopher "Dont tell me that youre with them after what they did to OUR MOM!" screamed Christopher.
Annabelle laughed again but in a evil way this time. "Yup, all according to plan". She turned to Elsa who was standing next to Kristoff, who had Anna in his arms. Anna started to wake.
"W-Whats going on?" said Anna
"YOU. ALL OF YOU. Didnt tell me about these- these secrets! The sorcery!" yelled Annabelle making her hands into a fist. She then laughed again. "But dont worry" she said. "It looks like Ive figured it on my own."
Fear was in everyones eyes. Annabelle turned back to Christopher.
"Pay back brother.." she said. Suddenly her hands started to get on fire. The whole kingdom gasped. She was about to hit Christopher..

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