Almost there..

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Anna was almost about to have her baby. Her belly was bigger than ever.

"I'm almost going to be a mom! Can you believe it!?" Anna screamed.

Elsa was happy for her and also happy that she was going to be a aunt.

Kristoff started to come home early since Anna is almost going to have a baby sooner or later.

As the day got closer, Anna started to become more tired and sleep earlier.

When Anna was asleep. Kristoff went out with Sven to get things for the baby like Anna told him. When Kristoff went with Sven to get things for the baby, Elsa stayed with Olaf at the castle just in case the baby was gonna come.

One night, everyone was fast asleep. Elsa in her bed. Olaf on the couch. Sven in his pen. And Anna and Kristoff sleeping together in the same room. All of a sudden Anna woke up with a huge gasp, which made Kristoff wake up

"What is it?" He said sounding sleepy.

Anna started to scream which made everyone in the castle wake up. Kristoff was now wide awake knowing that the baby was now going to come. Kristoff carried Anna down to Sven's pen and set Anna on the sled. Kristoff was tying the sled on Sven when Elsa and Olaf came running to the pen.

"Get on the sled now!" yelled Kristoff.

They both got on next to Anna who was still screaming. Elsa tried to calm her down when Olaf was rubbing her belly. Kristoff finally jumped into the sled and went to the Arendelle's hospital. When they finally got there, Kristoff carried Anna inside.

"Quick! Princess Anna is having her baby" said Elsa behind Kristoff.

The nurses got to work quickly. Kristoff set Anna on a bed and the nurses by her side and the doctors telling her that it was time for the baby to come.

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