Here we go again

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They walked the other way around where there was a steep mountain.
"Whats the big deal?" said Christopher after a long time of silence. Fierce followed right behind him.
"I said it was nothing" she said still frowning.
"Would you stop frowning now?" he said.
"Why should I? You didn't stop smiling!" said Hanah.
"Smiling is better then frowning!" he said
"Yeah well in your world. I prefer frowning." she said walking faster.
Christopher frowned. "Somethings up with her.." he thought.
He ran to where she was but got in her way.
Hanah tried to pass but Christopher blocked her way.
"Ugh, would you please move out of my way?" she said still trying to pass through him.
"Not until you tell me whats wrong" he said.
Hanah sighed. "Alright I'll tell you.." she said looking down.
"Really? That was easy.." said Christopher.
"Sike!" said Hanah passing him.
"Hey no fair!" said Christopher chasing after her.
"You're gonna have to do alot better for me to tell you something, Kristoff!" yelled Hanah.
"Kristoff?!" yelled Christopher. "Thats my dads name! It's Christopher!" he said as he was still chasing after her. What they didn't noticed is that Hansel and Annabelle were watching them.
"What is she doing?!" said Hansel that was watching them behind a tree.
Annabelle frowned at the two.
"I think I know just the thing" she said grinning. She giggled as she turned into fire swirls.
Hansel tracted the fire swirls to see what she was up to. Annabelle appeared straight ahead of Christopher and Hanah, without being noticed. Annabelle threw her hands up in the air in front of her face and started to burn the mountains, again.
Christopher and Hanah stopped running when they noticed that a fire came out of no where. Annabelle smilied, she turned into fire swirls again and went to where Hansel was.
"Good job" whispered Hansel "Let's get out of here.."
Annabelle nodded and turned into fire swirls once again.
Christopher and Hanah tried to get past the fire, but it was no use. It was way bigger than the other one. So Christopher couldnt stop it like last time. Fierce started to howl everytime when the fire grew bigger and came closer to them.
"Now what?" said Hanah "This was the way!"
"Are you sure it was this way?" asked Christopher.
"Do you want to lead the way?" said Hanah
"No, I was just making sure.." said Christopher.
Fierce got by Christophers side and started to lick his hand.
"What is it?" asked Christopher.
Fierce looked at Christophers hand and back at his eyes.
"Oh thats right!" said Christopher "I keep on forgetting.."
"Who forgets about their own power?!" said Hanah "At least you have a power! I wouldnt had of forgotten that!"
Christopher rolled his eyes and tried to concentrate on making a water splash to make the fire go out. Hanah couldnt keep her eyes off Christopher that she didn't notice that the fire started to form into some kind of monster. Christopher looked at Hanah real quick while he started to make a type of water ball in his hands. But it popped as he saw the type of fire monster was right next to Hanah.
"Hanah! Look out!" screamed Christopher.
Hanah looked at the side and saw the fire monster right there. She started to run back around until she reached a steep mountain and hid behind a rock for the fire monster not being able to get her. Fierce also followed her but instead, he hid somewhere else.
So Christopher was now facing the fire monster alone, but he was okay with it, as long as Hanah was safe along with Fierce. Christopher first tried to talk things through..:
"All good things.. all good things.." he said trying to befriend it.
"REALLY?!" yelled Hanah while watching him "YOURE TRYING TO BEFRIEND IT INSTEAD OF KILLING IT?!"
Christopher rolled his eyes looking at Hanah, when he turned back to the monster, he saw that it threw him aside. Christopher got thrown against a tree, causing him to be in much pain even more since it was made of fire, so it did cause to burn him a bit, he was lucky enough to have a bit strength to make the water cover him to make him feel a bit better. He tried to keep his eyes open to see what the monster was gonna do next to him, but he only saw it going to where Hanah was.
"No.." said Christopher weakly, trying to get up.
The fire monster reached where Hanah was and grabbed her. Hanah was screaming in pain since it was burning her in flames. Christopher frowned and growled. He knew that he had to be strong. He got up from the ground.
"Hey you! Big fella!" yelled Christopher. The fire monster turned around and dropped Hanah back to where the rock was. "Dont you dare ever touch her again!" yelled Christopher as the fire monster was stepping closer to him. Christopher swirled his hands into a circle which made a another type of water ball grow in his hands. He threw as much water as he could to the Fire Monster, but it was too powerful. Whenever Christopher hit it, it did shrink and yell in pain for a little, but then it started to grow even bigger. When the fire monster was big as a mountain, Christopher laughed evilly.
"Perfect, just perfect.." he said grinning. He looked at Hanah and saw her on the floor uncountiouns trying to open her eyes. He frowned to see her hurt. He turned back to face the monster.
"I hope this works.." he said to himself. He swirled himself around, he threw his hands up in the air, when they did, water came up from the ground and carried Christopher a higher up than the monster. He swirled his hands into a circle and slowly started to throw them in the air, when he did, a big rain cloud was made. Christopher grinned in a evil way and made the blue sky, grey and dull since he started making his rain cloud bigger. He then threw his hands back down next to them and he split them apart, one arm on one side and the other on the other side. He aimed at the fire monster, when he did, He threw his hand up and down and suddenly the rain cloud started to rain violently and harshfully. Hanah was now wide awake, she couldn't believe that Christopher could ever do that, she also couldn't believe the fact that he was using his powers to attack. The rain then started to hurt her, so she tried to hide away from it but it seemed too rough for her. Christopher turned to see her and saw that she was having trouble, he made his hand into a fist so that the rain cloud would not rain where Hanah was since it couldve killed her. He smiled to see her okay when it stopped raining on her. He looked back at the monster, who was now really yelling and screaming in pain. This time, it didn't grow any bigger since there was water everywhere. Finally the monster was as little as a pebble and disappeared. Christopher smirked and made the rain cloud now go away, by cupping his hands back together. He made the water put him back to the ground by lifting his head up. He turned to see that the Mountain woods were still on fire, but right now, that didnt really matter for him. Right now, what mattered the most for him was Hanah. So he ran to where he last time saw her.

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