Get Ready

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"No.. She found out.." whispered Anna. Annabelle heard her say that and all of a sudden her flames in her palms went out.
"What do you mean 'She found out'?!" said Annabelle walking towards her parents.
"Um.. Well you see.." said Kristoff "A long time ago-".
"I dont want to hear it!" yelled Annabelle "Everyone knew that I had sorcery all this time?" she yelled. Everyone stood in silence.
She let out a laugh. "Well then, in that case, this shouldnt really suprise any of you!" she said turning back to Christopher. She started make flames in her hands again.
"Looks like I might as well relieve the real me" she said with a grin.
Her fire powers started to surround her and when they did she started to transform. Her clothes started to change into a orange redish dress with flames on it.  Elsa stood there watching remembering that she also did the same thing when she ran away from Arendelle.
"Now.. Where were we? Ahh yes.." she said as she again started to make flames in her hands and was about to strike Christopher.
"Please, sister! Dont do this.." Christopher said in fear.
"Why shouldnt I?! I. HATE. YOU" she said.
Christopher sighed sadly hold back the tears and gasped as he saw that Annabelle made a fireball and it was about to hit him! He acted quickly and then got his hand in front of him as he did, water started to come out of his palm making the fireball go out. Annabelles smile turned into a shocked faced.
Christopher was there panting cause the fireball was nearly close to him.
"Why you-UGH!" said Annabelle bursting into flames.
"See Annabelle? See all the things theyve kept from you. You dont belong here. You belong with us.." said Hans.
"Wait what?" said Hanah in a shocked reaction. "I thought that-"
"Shh.." whispered Hansel as Hans continued talking to Annabelle.
"Come with us.." finished Hans reaching a hand out to take Annabelle. Annabelle looked back to see: Christopher, Elsa, her parents and the whole kingdom looking at her. She frowned. "Fine.. Ill go" she said taking Hans hand.
"Annabelle wait!" Christopher, Elsa, Anna, and Kristoff yelled together.
As Annabelle took his hand, Hans started to smile and he nodded at Hansel. "Lets go" he said.
"No.." said a voice. It was Hanah. "Im not going with you!" she said. "This has gone way to far! I thought that we were just gonna-".
"Shut it!" said Hans. As he said that, Hansel threw a Lightning bolt at her to quiet her. The lightning bolt striked her and she fell down to the ground. Everyone gasped and Christopher ran over to Hanah to see if she was ok.
He looked back at all three now.
All of a sudden a black cloud started to surround them and when the black cloud was gone, so were they.
"Where'd they go?" said Christopher.
"I know.." said Hanah weakly. "I can take you.." she said as she tried to get up.
"No, youve been in enough trouble already" said Christopher angry.
"This is my fault" she said "I shouldve told you when you asked me.."
Christopher looked away to see Elsa and his parents. They all went back to the castle not saying a word and then Christopher decided to carry Hanah back at the castle to heal her. Everyone went back inside but the kingdom was still in shock of what just happened.

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