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Christopher and Hanah went to look for Elsa to see if she was finished packing things up for them on their journey. Kristoff then walked in the room where Elsa was packing things.
"What are you doing?" he asked.
"Packing" she said in a calm tone
"For what?" asked Kristoff
"Christopher and Hanah" she answered
"Oh.. wait, WHAT?! No no no no no no.. my son is NOT going to go with Hans daughter!" yelled Kristoff grabbing the backpack away from Elsa.
"Shh.. youll wake up Anna" Elsa said with a frown "And yes he is". She took the backpack away from Kristoff.
At that moment Christopher and Hanah finally found Elsa and right when they did, she has finished packing. Kristoff sighed "I hope you know what youre doing" he said to Elsa. "Of course I do" she respond. Elsa and Kristoff took Christopher and Hanah to the entrance of Arendelle to wave goodbye. Kristoff hugged his son "Be careful.." he whispered in his ear. Kristoff turned to Hanah "You better not hurt him.." he said in an angry tone. Hanah just ignored him.
"You ready? It ain't gonna be easy.." she said
"Yeah.. I think I'm ready.." said Christopher.
Elsa and Kristoff waved goodbye, they went back to the castle seeing that Anna has woke up.
"Wheres Christopher?" she asked rubbing her eye.
Kristoff sighed "He went to look for Annabelle" he answered.
Anna was now wide awake. "WHAT?! NO!" she started to run after then but then Kristoff got her.
"LET ME GO!" said Anna struggling to break free. Kristoff finally let go when he thought that she gave up but when he did, she began to run again until Elsa put a ice wall in front of her.
"NO!" Anna said trying to break the ice with her fists.
"Anna, the have to do this alone.." said Elsa
Anna wiped the tears away and stood there watching Christopher and Hanah walking away further and further until they were not to be in sight..

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