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Anna was about to give birth to her baby. Kristoff was by her side trying to calm her down. Elsa and Olaf were outside of the room. And Sven was outside of the hospital since no pets were allowed but he could hear Anna screaming louder than ever and was glad that he wasn't in there. Elsa heard Anna screaming. Pretty much everyone in Arendelle woke up from Annas screaming.

"Shh" said Kristoff. "Calm down, its almost over.."

All of a sudden.. A crying was heard.

"Congrats!" said the doctor. "Its a girl!"

But Anna kept on screaming

"Love, its over, the baby is out. You can stop screaming" said Kristoff calming Anna down.


"Wait, what?!" Said the doctor handing the baby to one of the nurses.

Anna was having another baby!

"Oh my gosh!" Yelled the doctor "Another one is on its way!"

Kristoff was suprised and again tried to calm down Anna. Elsa started to worry outside and couldn't stop over overhearing that Anna was having ANOTHER BABY.

Elsa ran right in the room and saw Anna giving birth to another baby, a nurse holding one baby and Kristoff still by Anna side.

Finally Annas screaming stopped. The doctor hold the other baby in his arms.

"Congrats its a.. Boy?.. Is that even possible?" said the doctor wondering. Kristoff got the boy baby and the nurse handed the girl baby to Anna.

"Well thats finally over" thought Elsa.

"Now then, the real question is.. Whats gonna be their name?" asked the doctor

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