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Christopher and Hanah started walking up to get to the north mountain. They then approached the waterfall.
The wolf ran into the waterfall splashing around.
"We should give her a name.." said Christopher.
"A name? Really? You dont except to keep her, right?" said Hanah
"Maybe I do" said Christopher with a smile looking at the wolf. "I like 'Fierce'"
"Really? 'Fierce'?" said Hanah "Well its your idea to keep her so you can call him whatever you want cause I dont care".
"Yeah, Im gonna call her Fierce" said Christopher. "Fierce come here girl!". The wolf respond to the name by coming to Christopher and licking his face.
"Aww hes just like a puppy!" said Christopher
"Ugh whatever, can we take a bath here?" said Hanah "cause Im starting to get smelly like you."
"Well try living with a dad whos best friend is a reindeer" said Christopher playing with Fierce.
Hanah rolled her eyes. "Just don't look" as she begin to walk to the waterfall.
"Of course Im not gonna do that!" said Christopher
"Uh huh sure.." said Hanah. Christopher heard a splash which means that Hanah was already in the water.
"Tell me when your done" said Christopher "So I can take one too"
"Your probably gonna leave the whole water dirty!" respond Hanah.
"Are you sure thats not you?" said Christopher.
"Oh shut up" said Hanah getting out of the water.
"Haha my turn!" said Christopher jumping in the water.
"You didnt take your clothes off!" yelled Hanah as she was changing.
"And your point is..?" asked Christopher.
Hanah rolled her eyes "Im gonna go see if we have any food left" said Hanah walking away with Fierce. Christopher was then done taking a bath and got out of the waterfall dripping wet.
"Hey Christopher! Guess what I found?" said Hanah holding two sandwiches. Hanah started to laugh seeing his clothes wet.
"Whatever!" said Christopher.
"I told you that you should've taken them off!" said Hanah
"So you could see me shirtless" said Christopher with a grin.
Hanah gave him a glance. "Well ANYWAYS" she tried to change the subject "I just found two sandwiches cause SOMEONE decided to give the other sandwich to a wolf that nearly ate us!"
Fierce started to growl at her. Christopher started to pet his back.
"Im not really hungry" said Christopher
"Huh? Then what do you want to do?" asked Hanah. Christopher looked and Hanah and started to grin.
"Im not liking that grin.." said Hanah.
Christopher laughed and ran to get Hanah right when she was about to run away, he carried her and jumped in the waterfall!
Hanah reached to the surface.
"What the heck is wrong with you?!" said Hanah. Christopher laughed when Fierce also jumped in the water.
"Aww come on Im just trying to have a little fun!" said Christopher with a smile.
"How can you think of 'fun' if we're trying to find your sister!" said Hanah.
Christophers smile faded. He sighed. "Youre right lets go.." he said getting out of the water helping Hanah getting out. Fierce got out and shaked himself dry. They again started to walk. The whole walk was silent. Hanah knew that Christopher wasnt like this.
"Umm were almost there you know.." she said. Christopher just nodded and Hanah sighed sadly.
"Wow I finally keep my mouth shut and then you start to get sad! Who understands you ladys?" said Christopher.
Hanah started to smile to hear his voice again.
"Hey do you smell that?" asked Christopher. Hanah took a sniff.
"It smells like somethings burning.." said Hanah. Fierce started to whimper and growl at the same time. Christopher took a few steps to the smell, it lead him to a bush. He looked behind the bush and saw a fire was coming right towards them!
"I think we sould run!" said Christopher running taking Hanah's hand.
"Why? What did you see?" asked Hanah.
"Take a look for yourself! Look behind you!" Said Christopher still holding Hanah's hand while running. Hanah looked behind her and saw a bunch of flames coming at them faster.
"The mountain woods is on fire?!" she yelled.
"No! Its just your imagination that the Mountain woods are burning!" said Christopher sarcastically.
"Then why are we running?" she asked.
Christopher facepalmed himself with his other hand. "It IS a real fire!" He explained.
"You could've said that earlier!" she yelled back "I know what to do! I can just-" then she stopped talking.
"What? What can you do?" asked Christopher.
"N-Nothing.." she signed sadly "But I know what you could do! You're a water guy! You could just take down the fire!" she said.
"Well, I never tried it on a fire this huge before!" he said still running. Fierce was following them all along but then he started to get tired. Hanah saw that he couldn't continue running.
"Um Christopher.. I think that Fierce can't take it anymore" she said pointing at him.
"What?" he said looking back. He saw that Fierce was tired and curled into a ball as the fire got closer.
"Fierce!" yelled Christopher. He stopped running and let go of Hanah's hand to go back to get him. When Christopher was where Fierce was curled into a ball. He tried to carry him but he was too heavy. When Christopher looked up, he saw that the fire was like one inch away. Christopher stood up and looked down at the ground.
"Christopher!" he heard Hanah yelling his name. He then smiled remembering that he HAS stopped a fire this big before.
"STOP!" he yelled at the top of his lungs which made his whole self bursting into water that made the fire stop. Christopher then fell to the ground, since he got too weak from now stopping the fire. Hanah was amazed that he could stop it, she then ran to Christopher and bent her knees right next to him.
"Christopher..?" said Hanah. He wasn't responding. Fierce now got up and went by her side whimpering.
"This is all your fault!" she said to Fierce. Fierce started to growl at her. Hanah just gave him a glance which made him whimper again. Hanahs glance turned into a sad face that made tears in her eyes.
"No, this was MY fault" she said picking up Christopher head and putting it on her knees. "Please Christopher.. I need you.." She said pressing her face against his. A tear can rolling down her cheek. She looked at him that he was unconscious with his eyes closed. She then closed her eyes and started to lean in where his lips were..
At that moment Christopher woke up.
"Woah! Woah! What are you trying to do?" said Christopher getting up from Hanah's knees.
Hanah sad face turned into a smile.
"CHRISTOPHER!" she yelled happily jumping in for a hug. She hugged Christopher tightly. Christopher wasn't sure what to do. So he just hugged back gently.
"I thought that you were go-" said Hanah with tears still in her eyes.
"Woah! Wait right there.. Are you crying? Just cause you thought that I was gone?" said Christopher starting to smile. Hanah wiped the tears away from her eyes.
"No.. I wasn't" she denied it.
"Then explain the tears" he said crossing his arms.
Hanah rolled her eyes still smiling "Ok I admit it, maybe I was sad think that you were go-" said Hanah.
"I knew it!" said Christopher interrupting her "You love me! You really really love me!" he said smiling.
She frowned, but couldn't stop smiling.
"Get over it" she said starting to stand up. She leaned a hand to help Christopher get up. When he took her hand and was about to get off from the floor, Hanah let go which caused him fall back to the floor.
"Payback for jumping me in the waterfall with you" she said still smiling.
Christopher rolled his eyes still smiling and got up by himself.
"So.. Do you still want to kiss me?" he said looking right in Hanah's eyes. Hanah smiled and started to lean in closing her eyes and so was Christopher. But then she stopped and put a finger on his lips and opened her eyes and also which caused Christopher to also open his eyes since he felt Hanah putting her finger in his lips.
"Oh Christopher.." she said with a grin. "If there was only someone out there who loved you". She then started walking again to where they're suppose to go.
"You did not just do that!" said Christopher with a smile still standing watching her walk away.
"What if I did?" Yelled back Hanah not looking back, still walking away. Christopher then got his hand and pointed it right at Hanah, he made water come out of it and made the water get Hanah by her waist and bring her back to him. When he water did that, Hanah landed right in Christopher's arms, he put her back on the ground and he grabbed her by the waist and dipped her. They were one inch away from their faces.
"Showoff.." said Hanah.
Christopher laughed. "You're just like your dad, you know that?".
"Yeah yeah, I get that alot" she said rolling her eyes. Christopher grinned.
"Uh-oh, I dont like that grin, Dont you dare!" said Hanah.
"Too late" said Christopher letting her go which caused to fall to the ground.
"Ugh! I hate you, you know that?" she said to him.
"Then why were you crying for me?" he said raising an eyebrow.
"Youre never gonna get over that, huh?" she said getting up from the ground.
"Nope" He said staring to walk with her "Not never ever"..

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