We just have to learn

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Christopher and Hanah continued to walk along the woods.
"Didn't you say that we we're almost there?" said Christopher.
"Oh yeah! Um.. I just lost track haha.. Um yeah, Um we're really not there yet" she said hooking her hand on her neck.
Christopher noticed something weird going on
"Well, ok.. I trust you" he said holding Hanah's hand. That made Hanah's smile grow.
When they were walking, they didn't know that they were being watching. Fierce started to howl at a tree.
"What is it boy?" asked Chirstopher curious cause he couldn't see anything
"Oh um I don't think that it's anything.." said Hanah
"Hmm.. you're probably right.." he said continuing to walk with Hanah.
Hanah turned around to look at the tree and shook her head and continued to walk with Christopher.
"Dang it!" whispered a voice.
"What? What's happening?" asked another voice.
The two voices climbed down the tree. It was Hansel and Annabelle.
"My sister.." he said upset
"What about her?" asked Annabelle
"I think.. she's falling in love" said Hansel sighing
"With Christopher?" Annabelle started laughing. "You're kidding me right?"
"Look at them, Annabelle!" said Hansel pointing at them walking further away.
Annabelle turned around to see her brother holding Hanah's hand.
"Ohh.." she said quite mad "This can't be.."
"Now you see?" he said
Annabelle then started to smile. "Oh please, he's my brother. I know just the thing that can make him fall out of love". Hansel liked the sound of that.
Annabelle and Hansel began whispering about what they're going to do...
Back with Christopher and Hanah:
They sat down in the middle of the Mountain Woods.
"So.. We never really talked before" said Christopher petting Fierce
Hanah raised an eyebrow "Then what do you call all of our adventure?"
"I mean, that you never told me about yourself" he said
"Oh, well okay, what do you want to know?"
"Hmm.. do you have a mom?"
"Oh my mom..?" Hanah sighed "I never met her.. But my dad said that she was beautiful, that she looks alot like my brother."
"Yup, I guess she might not be very good looking." giggled Hanah
Hansel had light freckles, pale skin, platinum blonde hair, and blue eyes.
"So I'm guessing that you look like your dad" said Christopher
"Yeah, I'm not really good looking either I guess" said Hanah looking down at the ground.
"You're beautiful thought" said Christopher grabbing her chin to make her look at him
"Don't push it" smiled Hanah
Hanah had fair skin, light freckles, auburn hair, and green eyes.
"Let me take a guess" said Hanah "You look just like your mom"
"You guessed it"
Christopher had blue eyes, fair skin, light freckles, strawberry-blonde hair.
"And don't even tell me" said Hanah "Your sister is just like your dad"
"Wow, have you been spying on us since we were little?"
Hanah eyes widen "No! Of course not.."
Annabelle had fair skin, light freckles, blonde hair and light brown eyes.
"So, how come you don't have powers? asked Christopher
"I guess it came from my dad.."
"Wait so your mom had powers?!"
Hanah stayed quiet "I honestly don't know.. How did you end up with powers? None of your parents have powers!"
"I guess it came from my aunt" shrugging Christopher
The sun started to go down. Hanah had an idea.
"Hey, I want to show you something.." said Hanah getting up and getting Christopher's hand for him to get up.
"Where are we going?" said Christopher in a happy tone.
"You'll see" she said leading the way, still holding Christopher's hand "Close your eyes"
"Aww come on this is getting rid-"
Christopher quickly closed his eyes. He felt that Hanah was still leading him somewhere and then he felt that they stopped in silence
"Ok, now you can open them" said Hanah
Christopher slowly opened his eyes, when he did he saw the Northern lights right in front of him. Then he started to wonder.
"How did we get here so fast?" he asked
"I'm a fast walker" said Hanah quickly
Christopher looked back and saw that they were far away from they were, he could see Fierce running to them.
"Woah.. Bu-"
"Okay okay!"
Hanah sat down looking at the Northern lights, Christopher sat right next to her.
"This is beautiful.." he said amazed
"Beautiful-er than me?" said Hanah smirking
"Don't push it" he said winking an eye at her. "Where did you find this place?"
"I used to come here all the time since I started to visit more often"
Christopher wanted to ask her why had they come more often since then, but he decided to save it.
"Wait so does that mean that we're almost there?"
"Um.. no.. Not exactly"
Hanah then got closer to Christopher and put her head on his shoulder. Christopher was nervous since he's never done anything like this before. He gently placed his head against hers.
Hanah quickly reacted and got off his shoulder
"I-I'm sorry.." said Christopher
"No No, don't be, It's just that I've never done this before.." said Hanah
"Neither have I"
"Well.. I guess we just have to learn.." said Hanah looking at Christopher's eyes.
The two started to lean in for a kiss, they were one inch apart but stopped, they heard a noise.
"It's getting late.." said Christopher
"Yeah.. um.. Should we sleep here?"
"I don't see why not"
The two slept on the floor. Christopher put his arm around Hanah's waist and kissed her on the cheek saying "Good night".
When the two were about to fall asleep, Fierce barely arrived panting and curled up into a ball next to them and fell asleep.

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