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"Tell the guards to open up the gates!" sang Elsa.
The gates started to open and they saw everyone in Arendelle there and a huge banner that said "Happy Birthday!" And when they did, everyone started to shout "HAPPY BIRTHDAY!".
5 years have passed since the Annabelles incident. Christopher finally got the hang of his powers thanks to Elsa. Annabelle and Christopher were now turning 10 years old. It's going to be their first time in forever out of the castle. And everything seemed back to normal
Sven was there and went inside and Kristoff put Annabelle and Christopher on Sven. Sven went walking around with them on his back. Everyone cheered and Christopher and Annabelle smiled and waved and said thanks to everyone. Kristoff took Christopher and Annabelle off Sven.
"Go explore!" Said Anna.
"By ourselves?" Said Christopher and Annabelle.
"Yup! I'm sure you won't get lost" said Kristoff.
They two siblings hold each other hands to not get separated. They walked around until Annabelle wanted to go somewhere and Christopher wanted to go the other way.
"Lets go over here!" said Annabelle.
"Its better over here!" said Christopher.
The two let go of hands.
"Fine then! You go over there!" yelled Annabelle and started walking the way she wanted.
"Fine! I will!" yelled Christopher going the way he wanted
Annabelle's Point Of View.
"I don't need him" said Annabelle storming off.
She was wandering around and felt to alive and free to be out of the castle.
She wanted to see the fjord so she went to the ship deck and was amazed by the view.
"Hey.." she heard a voice say.
She turned around quickly and there was a boy about her age there. 
"Um.. hi.." said Annabelle shyly.
"Why are you all alone here?" said the boy
"Oh um just enjoying the view.. I sometimes like to be alone.. I guess" said Annabelle sadly thinking about Christopher.
"Well alone isn't a good feeling.." said the boy.
Annabelle sat down and the boy sat down next to her.
"My dad told me that I shouldn't talk to strangers.." said Annabelle
"Hansel" said the boy
"What?" said Annabelle confused
"Hansel, my name is Hansel" repeated Hansel
Annabelle smiled. "Name's Annabelle"
Hansel smilied "What a beautiful name like you"
Annabelle blushed "Thanks"
"See? We're not strangers anymore.. We can become friends!" said Hansel
"I'd like that" said Annabelle with a smile
Christopher's Point Of View
Christopher started to get worried about Annabelle. He decided that he should go find her. He asked everyone in Arendelle if someone has saw her. But no one has. This made him worry even more.
"Looking for someone?" said a voice.
Christopher turned around and saw a girl about his age.
"Um.. Do I know you?" said Christopher.
"Hanah, now you know me" said Hanah
"Ok then.." said Christopher strangely "Anyways, yeah I'm looking for someone, why do you care?"
"Whoa! Someone is in a bad mood" said Hanah "Well cause it looks like I'm also looking for someone!"
"Ha funny, what a coincedence don't you think?" said Christopher
"Hmm whatever, if you think I like you, I honestly don't" said Hanah
"That's fine by me" said Christopher
"Well if you help me find my brother, I'll help you find whoever you're looking for." said Hanah
Christopher thought that it was weird that both of them were looking for their siblings..
"Sister, I'm looking for my sister" said Christopher
"Ok sweet, do you want me to get you a round of applause or something?" said Hanah
"Geez someone isn't nice" thought Christopher
"Whatever, let's just try to find them" said Christopher
Hannah and Christopher walked around trying to find them.
"Hmm we haven't checked here" said Hanah pointing to the ship deck.
Hannah and Christopher went there and saw Annabelle and Hansel holding hands and about to kiss!

"ANNABELLE!" yelled Christopher
"HANSEL!" yelled Hanah
The two looked around and saw their siblings there.
"Great.." said Annabelle
"Just what I needed" said Hansel
Christopher stormed right for Annabelle and grabbed her arm and took her away from Hansel.
"WHAT WERE YOU THINKING?!" said Christopher
"I'm in love!" said Annabelle
"Annabelle we're barely turning 10 years old, don't exagerate" said Christopher "We're leaving.. NOW"
Christopher took Annabelle by the arm to find Anna and Kristoff. Annabelle turned around and waved goodbye seeing that Hansel and Hanah we're talking.
Christopher and Annabelle we're looking for their parents it was nearly sunset so the party was almost over. All of a sudden they heard their parents making an announcement that it was time for cake. Sven looked for Annabelle and Christopher and they hopped on top of him and Sven took them to where a HUGE cake was. They got in front and everyone started to sing Happy Birthday to them. "Happy birthday to the Prince Christopher and Princess Annabelle of Arendelle!" At that point, Christopher and Annabelle spotted Hanah and Hansel with their mouths wide open.
When the song finished Anna and Kristoff cut the cake for everyone since Annabelle and Christopher can't really use sharp objects yet.
"Umm dad.. Is the party over?.. Cause we need to talk.." said Chrsitopher still grabbing hold of Annabelles arm in case if she tried to escape.
"Not yet kiddo!" said Kristoff  "But what do you want to talk about?"
Annabelle was begging Christopher not to tell. He shook his head
"I'll tell you later.." said Christopher going back into the crowd with Annabelle.
"You got lucky this time, but I AM gonna tell" said Christopher walking away again
"I'd like to see you try!" yelled Annabelle.
Annabelle's point of view
Annabelle went back looking for Hansel. He saw him at the ship deck and she sat next to him.
"Hey!" she said
"You startled me!" said Hansel with a little jump
"Sorry.." she said
"It's alright" said Hansel. "So.. you're the Princess of Arendelle?"
Annabelle sighed "Sad but true.."
"Sad? Why sad? I heard that Arendelle's has got a lot of secrets!" said Hansel.
"Secrets? In Arendelle? Ha! You've got to be kidding. There no excitment here" said Annabelle
"Yeah there is! I've heard that theres even.." Hansel looked around to make sure no one was near "Sorcery" Hansel whispered
"Sorcery?" Annabelle repeated "Like the magic sorcery?"
"Yeah! It all lays here in Arendelle.. Secrets untold.. I thought that you would've know!" said Hansel
"Hmm no.. No one ever told me.." said Annabelle wondering.
"Well you are the Princess of Arendelle!" said Hansel "You should know!"
"Do you one secret?" said Annabelle.
Before Hansel could say anything. A ship has arrived and Hanah called him.
"Hansel! We better get going" said Hanah grabbing Hansel in his arm. They both went on a ship that has arrived. Before Hannah pulled him onto the ship. Hansel escaped and quickly said good bye to Annabelle and gave her a kiss on the cheek and telling her that they will see each other again. Annabelle blushed and waved good bye as the ship was sailing.
Annabelle turned around and saw Christopher there with his arms crossed.
"Oh no.." said Annabelle.
Christopher ran back to the castle and Annabelle chasing them. On the way they could see that the servents were cleaning everything up from the party. Christopher ran in the castle finding his mom and dad there putting everything away.
"MOM! DAD!" yelled Christopher
"DON'T LISTEN TO HIM!" yelled Annabelle.
This made Anna and Kristoff really mad since Anna did the same but she got engaged and the man she just met (Hans) betrayed her.
"You.." said Anna
"WHAT?!" said Kristoff
"I'm sorry! He gave ME the kiss not me to him! explained Annabelle.
"Where is this guy?" said Kristoff cracking his knuckles 
"Hes not from here.. he left on a ship" said Annabelle.
"Well he got really lucky.." said Kristoff
"But it was true love!" said Annabelle
Anna sighed.. "Annabelle go to your room.."
Annabelle got REALLY mad
"FINE THEN! YOU TWO DON'T KNOW ANYTHING ABOUT TRUE LOVE!" screamed Annabelle and stomped her way to her room passing by Elsa.
Elsa went downstairs to see Anna, Kristoff and Christopher together.
"She reminds me alot like you.." said Elsa
Annabelle slammed the door shut. And jumped in her bed and screamed on her pillow. Annabelle kept walking around the room thinking of a way to get Christopher back.
"He just makes so.. so.." said Annabelle trying to control herself.
"ANGRY!" said Annabelle throwing her hands up in the air. Annabelle saw that when she threw her hands up in the air.. something unsual happened..
"W-what?" said Annabelle
Annabelle started to feel fear of something she has done.. Her fear made things worse, her hands started to explode fire everywhere. She tried to control it so she just made herself get mad as possible. When she got very mad.. Fire started to come out of her hands but she could now get the control of it..
Annabelle looked at her hands, now knowing what Hansel was talking about.
"Sorcery, huh?" said Annabelle looking at her hands. "Looks like I've just discovered it inside of me" she said with an evil grin and laughed evily and making her hands into a fist which caused flames to come out of them....

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