You can't escape from who you really are

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"W-What is this place?" he asked still on the ground looking around.
Hans gave him a disgusted look.
"They never brought you here?" said Hans. "Neither they did to Annabelle, well, but I was sure that they brought you since youre parents love you much more then her."
Annabelle frowned at Christopher when Hans finished talking.
"What? That isn't true!" he said standing up.
"Of course it is! She is just a problem to Anna and Kristopher-"
"It's Kristoff" intruppted Christopher.
Hans just rolled his eyes and continued talking. "Since they hate it when their kids do something related with love with a person they just met. But you and Hanah are also persons that have just met.. and you love her, don't you?"
Christopher stood quite and looked at Hanah, who was still grabbed by the neck by Hansel, and then he looked back at the ground. "As a friend.."
"Well, you do love her very much as a friend, since you jumped in the cloud to go save her, most friends won't do that, but people who are in love will" said Hans.
"What do you care?" said Christopher harshful.
Hans smiled. "You remind me of your mother so much, both of you were so desperte for love and dumb enough."
"What do you mean by dumb enough?" asked Christopher.
"You followed my daughter" said Hans. "Did you really think that she was the good girl?"
Christopher eyes widen, and turned to look at Hanah, who tried to avoid looking at him since she was guilty enough to look into his eyes,
"Hanah.." said Christopher "Please tell me that you are the good girl.."
Hanah forced herself to look in Christophers eyes. After a long silence, she shook her head and then Hansel smirked and let her go, which caused her to fall to the ground.
"I-I'm sorry." she said looking down.
Christopher frowned and turned back to look at Hans, who was laughing.
"Thats not the only thing she lied about.." said Hans.
"You've gotta be kidding me" said Christopher burying himself in his hands.
"What else did you hide?" asked Christopher as he looked at Hanah.
Hanah looked at him and sighed, a black cloud started to surronded her, when the black cloud was gone, so was she.
Christopher looked around for her until he spotted her behind the Frozen Fountain
"So the black cloud teleports.." said Christopher. Hanah slightly nodded. "So this was all a plan. Ever since the begining. It was an act, when Hansel faked when he hit Hanah, you all knew that I was good enough to try to help her!" said Christopher angrily
They all nodded.
"And the black cloud that surronded all of you back at Arendelle, Hanah made that cloud for you all to escape"
They all nodded again. Christopher looked at Hanah, who was also looking at him.
"So when we also got ate by wolves, a fire nearly burnt us, and a fire monster started to attack us and, you wouldn't use your power no matter what? Just for this dumb old plan? Was risking your life really worth?" said Christopher to her.
"Well.. I did use it one time.." she said.
"When?" he said still a bit angry.
"When I told you to close your eyes and we were at the Northen lights.." she replied.
Christopher just rolled his eyes now. Hanah sighed sadly, regretting of what she has done.
"I told you" whispered Hansel "You were gonna heartbroken"
Hanah frowned.
"Suck it up, he doesnt love you anymore, cant you see?" said Hansel.
Hanah turned to see Christopher, he couldnt stop frowning. She hold back the tears from her eyes.
"Youre not the good person in this story like he is" said Hansel.
Hanah just turned away trying to ignore Hansel.
"You cant escape from who you really are.." said Hansel as Hanah made a black cloud to teleport where Annabelle was, up the stairs.
"Okay so Im here now" said Christopher "What do you all want from me?"
"Well you can either choose.." began Hans "1st, You can either get killed, or 2nd, join us to rule Arendelle together"
Christophers eyes widen.
"WHAT?! NEVER!" he yelled
Hans started to smirk. "Well then.. I guess that means you choose the first decision.." he said as he stepped closer to him.
Christopher stepped a few steps back, when he did, he was about to exit the castle running out, that is until Hanah teleported right behind him..
"Hanah?" said Christopher looking at her eyes with worry
Hanah frowned and tried to not look into his eyes. She pushed Christopher closer to Hans. Christopher fell onto the floor right in front of Hans. Christopher frowned at him
"I'm suprised that you're not using your power on me" said Hans "Anyone that has a power like you would defend themselves, but I guess you really just use your powers for good unlike Annabelle, she uses them whenever she wants"
Annabelle giggled smiling and she played with a fireball in her hand. Christopher turned to look at her.
"Well cause Im not like her" he said while still staring at her. "Shes always ignored me for the dumbest reason you could ever imagine.. and Im dumb enough to beg her for her forgiveness.." said Christopher sadly looking down.
Annabelle stared at Christopher while she made her fireball disappear in her hand, she then raised an eyebrow and turned into fire swirls. Christopher looked up since he saw a bright light up. When he faced up, it was Annabelle standing in front of him. Hans took a few steps back. She rolled her eyes and helped Christopher up.
"Can you please once and for all, just be the Annabelle I used to know!?
"Why should I?" asked Annabelle.
( Singing time! 'Lifes too short' Deleted song from Frozen. C=Christopher. A=Annabelle. B=Both )
C: Well cause, Its all in the pass
A: Do you really think that?
C: I came all this way today to try to give us a fresh start.
But now that youre all like 'bam' its all weird in my heart
A: Well this shouldnt suprise you cause this is the real me, you have no idea how great it feels to be free
C: youve been ignoring me for way too long, so lets just forget whos right
A: and forget whos wrong!
B: Okay!
A: I think I was mistaken, youre not so bad as I thought!
B: Cause lifes too short!
C: to feel ignored and unwanted by the sister lve always loved
B: Cause lifes too short!
A: For us to ever be together, and discover who we truly are!
~ Christophers and Annabelles hands join making their power do half of a heart~
C: WhoaWhoaWhoa!
A: I never understood
C: I never understood!
B: But maybe now I do.. That lifes to short! To miss out on a sibling like you..
A: Soo youll join us, right?
C: Wait, what?
A: Yeah, to rule Arendelle together!
C: Uh.. I was actually kinda hoping that youll come back to Arendelle
B: Ohh.. Hey! Wait a sec! I cant believe you!
C: So you wanted me to join you, thats how your story ends?
A: Well yeah, for us to be together, and that we can be powerful like nobody else.
C: So thats in your plan, to force me to join you!
A: Hey hey! Youre the one who wants me to go back!
C: Wow I guess I was blind enough to see this through, that you were going to show off your sorcery and plans, Okay! Well guess what sis? Ill never join you so that Arendelle would be under your control!
A: Wait, but..
C: Cause lifes too short!
~Christopher shoots water blast at Annabelle but she dodges it~
A: There he is! The guy who wants me to forget! Now I know that he only cares about me going back there. Well I got some news for you too, and they are that Ill never ever go back being with you!
C: You can do whatever you want, cause I wont care, youre a fool whos doing this for a stranger
~Points to Hansel~
A: that is so not fair!
B: I swear! Im sick with taking your unshaking siblingly
C: Support!
A: Support!
B: Support! Ha! Cause lifes too short!
C: for you to even try, to rule the kingdom by hurting our own family!
A: Lalalalalalala!
B: Cause lifes too short
A: To listen to a reckless fool, who only wants me to go back with him!
Besides, You dont know me!
C: You have no idea!
B: What Ive been through! Because of you!
~ The two face to face together~
B: Cause lifes too short to miss another minute!
~Annabelle throws a fireball at Christopher but he throws water at it~
B: Cause lifes to short to even have you in it!
~Christopher and Annabelle throw both of their powers at the same time~
B: lifes too short!
C: I was so wrong about you!
A: You-Youve been so wrong about everything!
C: Maybe you are a problem
A: I am NOT a problem!
Annabelle then nods at Hansel.
Hansel makes a rope out of lightning. He threw it towards Christopher which caused it to tie him up.
"H-Hey! Let me go!" said Christopher trying to break free. "Ow!" he yelled as the lightning started to sting him.
"The more you struggle.." said Hansel "the more its gonna sting you.." he said as he made his hand into a fist. By doing that, the lightning started to hurt Christopher even more.
"Ow!" He yelled "okay okay I get it! Im not even struggling anymore!"
"Thats enough Hansel" said Hans "We still need him alive for now.."
Hansel grinned and stopped making a fist, for it not to hurt Christopher anymore.
"You said you wouldnt hurt him!" whispered Hanah to Hansel.
"What?" said Hansel "I was just trying to have a little fun! Besides, remember at the end we're going to have to kill him, thats the reason you brought him here"
Hanah sighed and turned to look back at Christopher.
"You need me alive..?" asked Christopher
"Indeed" said Hans nodding his head
"For what?" asked Christopher.
Hans smirked. "Youll see.."

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