Guess Who?

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Meanwhile in Arendelle..
Kristoff, Elsa and Anna were waiting for Christopher, Hanah and hopefully Annabelle to come back. Anna was still a bit hurt from the lightning strike that Hansel threw at her.
Kristoff usually helped her walk around Arendelle when she was about to fall. One day Kristoff and Anna were walking around Arendelle to get their mind off things until Anna thought of something..
"Um Kristoff?" She weakly said.
"Yeah?" He said looking at her eyes
"Well.. Hanah. Hans daughter. What do you think about her?" she asked
"I honestly dont know what to think.. Why?" asked Kristoff
"Cause I was just thinking.. What if shes just like her father? That she lied to Christopher and that he might be in danger!" She said scarely
Kristoff started to wonder and then it hit him.
"Oh my Go- We have to go find them, NOW!" said Kristoff running to Svens pen with Anna following him. 
They both got on the sled and were about to go to exit Arendelle to enter the mountains until.. Sven stopped cause a bunch of fire came out of no where making fire swirls all around magically and then suddenly the fire started to form a persons body, and there she stood. Annabelle.
"Where do you think youre going?" she said with an evil grin.
"Get out the way, Annabelle!" said Kristoff angrily
"Why should I?" she asked giggling a bit.
Then Hansel appeared behind a tree. Annabelle and Hansel were about to kiss.
"Annabelle! You cant kiss a man you just met!" said Anna
The two stopped and Hansel crossed his arms and  Annabelle rolled her eyes.
"You cant tell me what to do!" she said to Anna bursting into flames
"We're your parents! Of course we can!" said Kristoff
"You two dont act like your my parents" she said in a angry and sad tone.
"Annabelle, just do what we came to do" said Hansel crossing his arms.
"Ohh right!" she said. She then started to make fire balls with her hands. 
"W-What are you going to do?" asked Anna
"You'll see" said Annabelle with a smirk on her face and threw the fireball right towards them.
Kristoff, Sven and Anna closed their eyes, not wanting to see when it hits them. All of a sudden they heard "Not so fast".
They opened their eyes and Elsa was right there, wearing her blue nightgown dress and she stopped the fireball. It was tough since Fire beats Ice so Elsa had to throw alot of ice to the Fireball to disappear. Annabelle was suprised to see her aunt different and that she was able to stop her fireball. But then she started to smile once more. Elsa didn't like that.
"Please Annabelle, don't do this.." she begged.
"Why shouldn't I?" she yelled in a frown "I-I had all this power inside of me! And you didn't tell me!? And Christopher was able to know?! Couldn't you also teach me how to use it? I had to teach myself how to use it" Her frown turned into a sad face but then again into a frown. 
"Where is Christopher?" She asked. Kristoff and Anna looked at each other shocked. "Where is he?!" she said throwing a fist into the air with flames on it.
Kristoff, Elsa and Anna kept quite. "Well then, I guess you all have to learn the consequences". 
Annabelle put her two palms in front of her causing fire to come straight at them. Elsa knew that she had to get ready to attack so she also put her two hands in front of her and ice started to come out of them. Elsa had to try to double her power since Annabelle was too powerful. The fire started to get close to Elsa. 
"I don't want to fight you!" Said Elsa as she was about to lose.
Annabelle sighed and continued to use her power to attack Elsa. Elsa was too weak and gave up. The fire attacked her making her fall.
"Wasn't she suppose to burn?" asked Hansel.
"I don't want to burn my own aunt" said Annabelle.
"But my dad sa-" 
"I dont care what he said!" Yelled Annabelle. Hansel frowned.
"Fine, if you won't attack them, I will" he said getting in front of Annabelle.
He raised his arms in the air, causing lightning in his palms. He then pointed at then, about to attack them. Annabelle wanted to stop him, but she loved him, so she just looked away. Hansel then threw the lightning bolt straight at Kristoff, Anna, and Sven since Elsa was worn out from Annabelle. But Elsa saw what he was doing and she jumped right in front of them to protect them causing the lightning bolt to hit her. When it did she fell right to the ground.
"Elsa!" said Anna with tears in her eyes and got off the sled to help her. Elsa didn't wake up. "How could you?!" She said looking at them. Kristoff then got off the sled also and tried to help out.
"She's still breathing" he said starting to carry her. "Aren't you ashamed of yourself, Annabelle?" he said yelling at her. Annabelle frowned. She turned to look at Hansel.
"You know what? I think I am capable of attacking them now" she said to Hansel. Hansel started to smile as Annabelle got closer to her parents. The two started to get scared the closer she got. When she got closer enough, flames came out of hand.
"I won't hurt you.." she said "Only if you tell me where Christopher is..".
Kristoff and Anna didn't know what to do. They didn't say a word. They just moved their eyes behind her. Annabelle started to suspect, she looked behind her and just saw Hansel in front of the mountain woods.
"He's in there?" she said smiling again "Not for long..". She raised her hands up in the sky causing huge flames coming out of them she then pointed it at the mountain woods and fire came out of her hands. The fire was coming straight at Hansel, so he jumped right out of the way.
"Hey! Watch it!" he yelled. Annabelle ignored him as she started to burn the mountain woods. Kristoff and Anna had fear in their eyes. When she was done using her power, the mountain woods now had a fire that got bigger by the second.
"What are you thinking?!" said Hansel "My sister is in there!".
Annabelle rolled her eyes. "Oh please, so is my brother. Besides, Hanah can survive out of it since she can.. you know.." 
"Yeah and your brother can also survive since he has the power of water! Did you forget that?" said Hansel. Annabelle facepalmed herself.
"Lets just go" she said turning into fire swirls and then she disappeared.
"Hope I could have that power" said Hansel walking another side where the fire was not attacking the mountain woods.
Kristoff and Anna were worried watching the mountain woods burn.
"Christopher.." said Anna crying.
"He's smart, he'll know what to do" said Kristoff getting back in the sled with Anna and Elsa in his arms "Let's take Elsa back home, Go Sven!"
Sven then started to run back to the castle.

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