Flames: A Frozen Sequel

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Anna and Kristoff got married in Arendelle a few weeks ago when Elsa came back from her visit from the Southren Isles. Elsa was very pleased that Anna didn't get married with a man she just met since Kristoff and Anna have been going on a few dates after the Frozen incident.

Months later, Anna announced that she was pregnant. Kristoff was glad that he was gonna be a father. But he couldn't spend much time with her cause of his Ice Business. So Elsa volunteered to help out while Kristoff was gone.

"Oh my gosh, Elsa! Can you believe that I'm going to have a baby?!" said Anna happily.

Elsa giggled and saw that by the week Anna's belly was getting bigger.

Anna gasped "I think it kicked! Do you think it kicked?" she asked Elsa.

Anna got Elsa's hand an put it on her belly to feel the baby kick.

"What a strong baby you're going to have" said Elsa feeling the baby kick.

At that moment Kristoff came back and saw the two feeling Anna's belly.

"Kristoffs home!" said a voice behind them.

It was Olaf.

Olaf waddled to Kristoff giving him a warm hug.

"Hey Olaf!" said Kristoff giving Olaf a arm hug.

Olaf grabbed Kristoffs hand and took him next to Anna.

"Hey love!" said Anna giving Kristoff a kiss.

"Look at your baby kick!" said Elsa getting Kristoffs hand and setting it on Annas belly.

"I hope its a boy!" said Kristoff feeling Annas belly kick.

"Nah, I think its going to be a girl!" said Anna.

"What will you name her or him?" asked Elsa.

Anna and Kristoff looked at each other for a sec.

"Well.." said Kristoff

"We never thought about that.." said Anna.

Elsa frowned and the couple giggled,

"Well I'm sure that you two will figure it out when the time comes." said Elsa.

Anna yawned and saw what time it is.

"Wow.. Barely 9 oclock and I'm already sleepy.." said Anna.

Kristoff laughed and carried Anna.

"This pregnant stuff isn't that easy" she said falling asleep in Kristoffs arms.

"I'm gonna take her up to her room" said Kristoff. "Be right back"

Elsa nodded as she saw Kristoff getting Anna to her room.

Kristoff came back to where Elsa was.

"Whoa, she's getting alot heavier by the day" said Kristoff tried. Elsa laughed "Well she does have a baby in her". Kristoff agreeded. Elsa started to wonder about the baby until an idea popped into her head. "Kristoff.."

"Yeah..?" he said turning over to Elsa.

"Do you think.. That your baby.. will also have powers?.."

Kristoff started to think for a moment, "Nah, I don't think so. Anna doesn't have powers and neither do I so I guess she or he isn't going to have powers also!" explained Kristoff.

"Maybe you're right.." said Elsa shrugging it off.

"Well I'm off to bed" said Kristoff stretching.

"Good night" said Elsa waving to Kristoff.

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