Chapter 35

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Maya POV~

It was lunchtime and I had a bad feeling about it. I got to my locker and put my books inside and I got my lunch out as quickly as possible. I was almost out the door when Marcus stopped me and asked me

Marcus- Where are you going? Are you going to have lunch with us?

Maya- No, its okay I gotta quickly eat my lunch and then go to the library and finish off and try and figure my math homework.

Marcus- I can help you with maths if you want.

Maya- Yea, only if you want to, you don't have to do it.

Marcus- I offered so I want to.

A smile spread across my face when he said he wanted to. We quickly finished out lunches and he went and told Martinus what he was doing while I went and got my books and waited for him at the library. After 5 minutes I decided to start on my maths and then another 10 minutes passed and then another 20 minutes passed. I feel like history repeating its self again and to my knowledge, I'm going to guess he is with Zoe. Why does he offer to help when he never bothers to show up. The bell is almost going to go so I got up out of my chair and got all my books together off the table and as I was walking out of the library Marcus was walking in. I rolled my eyes and kept walking until I felt a hand holding my arm so I couldn't keep going.

Marcus- Were are you going?

Maya- To my locker.

Marcus- Why?

Maya- The bell is about to go and I don't want to late for my next class.

As I said that the bell went and Marcus had a loose grip on my arm so I got my arm our and walked away. How is it possible that he has done it twice. Mysteries of the universe. I continued walking to my locker and got out my books for my next class remembering Marcus is in both of them. I close my locker and walk to my next classes. While I was walking knowing Marcus he will ask if he can do something cause he feels bad. I am 99.9999999999999999999999999% sure. Just you wait. I got a seat in the back and Marcus walked in and came over to me and sat in the chair next to me.

Marcus- Maya can I please make it up to you for not helping?

I was right.

Just before I was going to reply to him I heard a girl's voice and when we both looked it was Zoe

Zoe- Hi Maci, I had a great time at lunch.

She said in a flirty voice. I was right again. I hate being right. I looked at Marcus and he was looking at me with sorry I eyes. This is going to be a long lesson.

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