Chapter 12

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~Marcus POV~

I went to the park after school, once I got to the park I looked around but I couldn't find Maya so I decided to text her. 

Marcus- Where are you?

Maya- I'm at the top of the mini hill. 

I looked up and texted her back

Marcus- I see you I will be there in 30 seconds.

I ran up the hill to were Maya was sitting and sat down next to her leaving a few centimetres between us. I spoke up and told her

Marcus- I am here and ready to listen.

Maya- Okay, but you better not tell anybody about this, please.

Marcus- I pinky promise

We did a pinky promise and I saw she took a deep breath. I kept looking at Maya never taking my eyes off her. I saw she took another deep breath before she started to tell me

Maya- When I was born my mother died and so I grew up with only one parent with my Dad always telling me stories of my Mum, how they met, there wedding and other things. But when I was five my Dad got re-married to Brittany, Ashleys Mum and-

She stopped for a second breaking eye contact with me and then taking a quick breath before re-joining eye contact again. Then she continued to tell me.

Maya- -when I was 13 my Dad died of a heart attack. So since then, I have been Brittanys and Ashleys, a free maid. So that's it and I have never told anyone to expect you.

Marcus- That's a lot, I am so sorry you had to go through all that by yourself. Also, why am I dating Ashley?

Maya- Oh yea, because she threatened me and I knew she is in love with you so I used you not to get injured.

Marcus- Okay, but your safe with me

I then wrapped my arms around her waist and she grabbed the back of my neck and we gave each other a hug. I released from the hug and grabbed both of her hands and held them in mine and I kept looking at her beautiful eyes and she was looking at mine not wanting to break eye contact.

Marcus- Thank you so much for telling me. I must have been really hard.

I gave her another hug with the second hug we stayed this position for around a few minutes until we both released from the hug. While Maya and I were hugging I felt that I should never hurt her and always protect her. I never wanted to let go but I knew that I had to. After we released from the hug we decided to go and get some ice cream so we got up from our spots and started walking to the ice cream shop. Once we go there I asked her

Marcus- What flavour ice cream do you want?

Maya- Can I please have...Cookie dough, please

Marcus walked up the serving person and said

marcus- Can I please have 1 cookie dough ice cream and 1 cookies and cream ice cream

Severing person- That would be $7.50, please.

I reached into my pocket and pulled out $7.50 out and handed it to the serving person and then I got two cones with ice cream walked back to May and handed her ice cream to her. We sat down on a park bench and just talked about everything and when Maya asked one question our light playful conversation turned into a serious conversation.

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