Chapter 20

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~Maya POV~

Ashley- But you're with me. Not this tone deaf, ugly, stupid, lazy, idiotic, slutty person next to you.

When Ashley said all those things tears threatened to come out of my eyes, then wrapped his arm around my waist and pulled me closer to him, then he said

Marcus- Never ever call Maya any of those names because she is the most beautiful, caring, kind, stubborn and the strongest person you will ever meet.

I looked up at him and thought I am so lucky. While I was looking up Marcus he was pulled out of my grasp by Ryder one of Ashley's friend and while I wasn't paying attention Ashley pounced on me knocking me to the ground with lots of force making my head hit the ground first. When I looked over to next to me I saw Martinus and Sophia trying to fight off Lindsay and Zane. While I was watching them I thought I was the problem to all of this. I finally got Ashley off of me and I went over to help Sophia with Lindsay.The boys finally got  Ryder and Zane off them and they ran over to us giving us a big hug.

Maya- Are you guys okay?

Marcus- We are fine, but let's go to my house to clean up.

We all nodded and walked to the Gunnarsen's once we got there Marcus and I went in one bathroom and Sophia and Martinus went in another. When Marcus and I went into the bathroom I cleaned up his knuckles since they were split. While I was cleaning his wounds I kept thinking it was all my fault everyone got hurt. While I was thinking I was drawn out of my thoughts by Marcus's voice

Marcus- None of this is your fault.

I looked up into his beautiful chocolate brown eyes and I couldn't help but start crying. He wrapped his arms around my waist and he pulled me into his chest. He kept repeating 

Marcus- It's okay.

Maya- But it is all my fault

I said looking down at the floor not wanting to look at Marcus.

Marcus- Hey, look at me

He said as he out two of his fingers under my chin and lifted it up so we made eye contact

Marcus- None of this is your fault,  please don't believe it and we will all heal. So please don't worry.

He pulled me into a hug and I instantly hugged back. For the rest of the night, we ate dinner then went to bed with school being tomorrow. Yay

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