Chapter 11

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~Maya POV~

Marcus and I sat down on a park bench and just talked about everything like what we like doing, where we want to travel and all that. But when I asked him one question our light playful conversation turned into a serious conversation.  

Maya- What is it like being a pop star?

I saw Marcus face immediately change from a heartwarming smile into a frown, I knew that I shouldn't have asked that question.

Maya- You don't have to tell me.

Marcus- No I will tell you, you told me yours I will tell you mine.

I grabbed Marcus's hands to comfort him. I saw he took a deep breath and then he started

Marcus- There are a lot of people who will be your friend just to take some of your fame, But I know that is different from you cause I know you would never do that, so anyway.After we became famous we had two friends Jacob and Zoe who were twins like Martinus and me. I had a huge crush on Zoe but after a while, we realized they were using us for our fame. After they used us for our fame Martinus and I were really hurt but was hurt the most since I had a massive crush on Zoe. 

I pulled Marcus into a hug he smelt really nice like vanilla. We released from the hug and just stared into each other's eyes and for some reason, I blurted out

Maya- I really like you

I saw I huge smile spread across his face.

Marcus- Guess what?

Maya- What?

Marcus- I really like you too.

A huge smile spread across both of our faces. I think this going to change my life forever admitting my feelings to Marcus. But my thoughts quickly brought me down when I thought of Ashely.

Maya- What about Ashley?

Marcus- She is my fake girlfriend since I don't like her but I want to ask a certain someone if they would like to be my real girlfriend?

Maya- Are we going to go behind her back?

Marcus- Is that a yes I'm hearing?

I smiled, nodded my head and said

Maya- Yes

I wrapped my arms around his neck giving him another hug. We sat on the park bench for a little while I was so happy at the moment but I knew as soon as I stepped foot into my house I would be screwed. But I am trying not to think about it know, I have my new boyfriend that I should focus on. We talked a bit more and then we decided to go home when we got a few streets away from my house so Ashley wouldn't see us we said our goodbyes and gave each other a hug.

I walked inside and saw Ashley sitting there facing the door with an angry expression on her face, she looked like she was waiting for me to walk through the door.

Ashley- Where the hell have you been?

I immediately knew I was screwed.

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