Chapter 38

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~Maya POV~

We worked on the project until Marcus got a phone call.

Marcus- Sorry.

He got out his phone and answered.

Marcus- Hey Zo

When I heard Zoe's name I felt jealous and disappointed, so I shifted uncomfortably where I was sitting.

Marcus- Ummm... I'm at Maya's house doing the project.

Marcus- We are just finishing up for the night. So you don't need to come.

Marcus- I know its a group project. We will include next time.

I rolled my eyes when he said that. I stood up and went into the kitchen to get some popcorn.

After a few minutes, Marcus came into the kitchen and asked

 Marcus- Is it okay if we continue this another time with Zoe?

Maya- Yea, sure.

Marcus- Ummm... would I be allowed to stay here just for the night? Just because its a bit late and I sorta don't want to walk in the dark.

He said as he was rubbing the back of his neck.

Maya- Umm... sure you can. you can take one of the bedrooms upstairs.

He walked upstairs and I walked after him. He walked over to Ashley's room and said

Marcus- Can I sleep in your room?

Maya- This isn't my room its Ashleys room.

Marcus- Ashley?

Maya- My step-sister.

I said with a frown on my face. It's her fault all this has happened. It's her fault she Marcus lost his memory. 

Marcus- Where's your room?

Maya- In the house.

I walked away from Marcus and back downstairs and into the lounge room packing up all the work across the table. I heard my phone go off and I looked at the number and I didn't know the number so I read the message

Unknown- I guess I got to finish the job I started. Stay away from Marcus, he's mine. See you soon xx

I rolled my eyes at the message knowing it was from Ashley, I can't believe she's doing this again. So I decided to reply to the message with some unknown confidence I found within me.

Maya- Well, you can't do much since you're stuck in the shadows and the police are still on the hunt for you. So come see me face to face instead of hiding behind a phone and making threats.

After that, I trough my phone against the wall and started crying. I heard footsteps racing down the stairs and rushed over to me.

Marcus- Are you okay?

I looked up at him and said 

Maya- I'm fine.

I got up and walked away. If Ashley wants a war I will give her a war. I'm going to make that bitch pay.

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