Chapter 6

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~Marcus POV~

When I walking back home, I couldn't get Maya out of my mind. She seems like the only girl that doesn't care that I'm a pop star. I knew I had feelings for Ashley but they are starting to vanish. Once I walked through the door I saw Martinus in the living room and I walked over to him.

Marcus- Hey

Martinus- Hey. What were you doing to come home at 7?

Marcus- I was at Ashley's house.

Martinus- Did you finally ask her out?

Marcus- Ashley is my girlfriend and I also finished the project with Maya.

A smile appeared on my face just saying her name.

Marcus- How is your project going?

Martinus- Really good and I think I like Sophia.

Marcus- What happened to Lindsay?

Martinus- What happened to Ashley?

Marcus- What do you mean?

Martinus- You think I didn't see as soon as you said Maya's name a smile instantly appeared on your face.

I started to smile again just thinking about Maya, I just realized that Maya is the complete opposite of Ashley and I think that is what I like about Maya she doesn't want to use me for fame like Ashley or she doesn't dress to impress and wears loads of makeup, where Ashley does the opposite.

Marcus- I think I'm starting to develop feelings for Maya.

Martinus- Why is Ashley your girlfriend if you like Maya?

Marcus- Because Maya asked me to be Ashley's boyfriend.

Martinus- Did she give you a reason?

Marcus- No but I trust her.

Martinus- Ok I'm going to bed, cause we have school tomorrow.

Marcus- Night.

Martinus went up to his room and I went to mine. Changed and went to my bed to lay down. before I went to sleep a quickly texted Maya

Marcus- Goodnight Princess :)

Maya- Night Charming :)

I put my phone my bedside table and fell asleep with a smile on my face.

~Maya POV~

After Marcus left, I put the play safely into my bag ready for school in the morning. I changed into my PJ's, brushed my teeth and then made sure I finished everything I had to do tonight. I climbed into my creaky bed when I got a text message from Marcus.

Marcus- Goodnight Princess :)

I smiled at the message and replied back

Maya- Goodnight Charming :)

I placed my phone on my bedside table and turned the light off. I drifted off to sleep with a smile on my face.

~The Next Day~

I woke up to a beeping sound and I realized that it was my alarm. I got up had a shower, brushed my teeth, hair and got dressed in an old pair of jeans, a dark top, and my fake glasses. I walked upstairs to start making breakfast for Brittany and Ashley.

Maya- Breakfast is ready

I grabbed my bag from my room and walked out the front door. I walked to the bus stop and waited 5 minutes for the bus to come. I walked onto the bus and saw Sophia and sat next to her.

Maya- Hey Sophia.

Sophia- Hey Maya. Did you finish that project?

Maya- Yea I finished it last night with Marcus. What about you?

Sophia- Yea, me and Martinus finished it yesterday as well.

We talked until we got to school and Martinus ran up to us giving Sophia a hug.

Martinus- Hey Soph, hey Maya.

Maya- Hey Martinus

Sophia- Hey Tinus.

I could tell that they both liked each because of the way they were looking at each other like nobody else was here.

Maya- I'll meet you guys in class

I started to walk off when I heard

Martinus- Maya, don't forget Marcus is doing this for you.

I turned back around and started walking towards my locker. The whole time I was wondering what Martinus meant by 'Marcus is doing this for you'. Once I got to my locker I got the play for English out and my English folder. I through my bag into my locker when I got a text message from Marcus.

Marcus- Goodmorning Princess :)

Maya- Morning Charming :)

Marcus- I'm so sorry, I don't want to do it

Maya- What do you mean?


Maya- Marcus


I was so confused on what Marcus meant by that. Both the Gunnarsen twins said sort of the same thing. I walked into my English class and sat down at the back, I saw Sophia walk in and waved to her to come sit down next to me. When the bell rang I saw Ashley, Lindsay, Marcus and Martinus all walk in together and sat down together. I saw Sophia staring at Martinus as I spoke up she looked away from Martinus.

Maya- Why is Martinus sitting over there? I thought he liked you.

Sophia- He probably just pretending to like me.

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