Chapter 1

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~Maya POV~

Hi, my name is Maya Baker, I am 15 years old and  I live in Trofors, Norway with the two Norwegian singers Marcus and Martinus that took Europe by storm. I live with my Step-Mum  Brittany who is rarely home because she is always on business trips and Step-Sister Ashley who is the same age as me. Ashley is one of the popular people at my school, she often hangs out with Lindsay her best friend, Marcus and Martinus. As for me at school, I am sort of invisible, but I do get bullied sometimes so if you think about it I'm not completely invisible.

My Mum died when I was born, then my Dad got remarried after 5 years after to Brittany, she moved in with her daughter Ashley, then died my Dad died 2 years later from a heart attack in front of me. So for the past 2 years, I have stuck with Brittany and Ashley sort of like there very own maid, to be honest, it sort of reminds me of Cinderella.

Ashley- Come down here and make me breakfast before I'm late for school.

Here we go again, I always get yelled at or sometimes slapped. Isn't my life the best (note the sarcasm)

Maya- Coming

I quickly ran upstairs since after my Dad died I instantly got moved to the basement. I got to the kitchen and started making the waffles with berries. After I finished cooking I went back downstairs to grab my clothes for school and had a shower. I put on my dark blue ripped jeans, a black top, a black jacket and my fake glasses. I quickly put my hair up in a ponytail and ran out the door before I missed the school bus.

I got to the bus stop and waited a few minutes until the bus and arrived and quickly got a seat on the bus. I put in my music and listened to Astrid S, while I was going to school. Once I arrived at school I went straight to my locker getting my books for English. While I was going to English, I got stopped by my step-sister and her group of popular people including Marcus and Martinus.

Ashley- Oi, when you get home to make sure you clean my room,  I'm having a few guests over.

She said while smiling at Marcus, Martinus, and Lindsay. I just nodded my head and walked to my classroom. When I got to the classroom I was a few minutes early so I took a seat at the back of the classroom. Once the bell rang everyone one started to pile into the classroom and took their seats, when I looked up I saw the 4 people I hate seeing. Once the second bell rang the teacher walked in and started teaching us, halfway through the lesson the teacher announced there is a partner assignment.

Teacher- Okay class you guys are going to do a partner project. You guys will write a play on anyone you want.

Student- Do we get to choose our partners?

Teacher- No, I will choose them for you. So the partners are Ashley and Will, Lindsay and Matt, Martinus and Sophia...

A few names later

Teacher- And lastly Marcus and Maya

Ashley- Miss are we allowed to swap.

Teacher- No the partners are final. You may start now.

Once the teacher said that everyone went to there partners, while Marcus came over to where I was sitting and sat down.

Maya- I can do all the work if you want.

Marcus- No, it's okay I can help. I'm not completely useless

Maya- No it's okay and I don't want to make Ashley mad.

Marcus- Why would she be mad?

Maya- Doesn't matter. I will do it all and put your name on it got it good.

As soon as I said that the bell rang and I quickly got up then ran out the door before he could get another word in. I quickly put my books in my locker and went outside to my favourite spot in school, the tree where I can see nearly all the kids in the yard and it is so relaxing because no-one knows I'm up here.

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