Chapter 21

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~Maya POV~

I woke up with an arm around my face and a smile grew on my face I rolled over to see Marcus with his blond hair in his face, he is adorable with bed hair. I got up carefully so I didn't wake him up and went to go have a shower and put on the clothes I bought yesterday. I went downstairs to the kitchen and saw Sophia and Martinus having breakfast with a plate of pancakes in front of them.

Maya- Morning Sophia and Martinus.

Sophia- Morning Maya

She said with a smile on her face 

Martinus- Morning 

I sat down next to Sophia and took a pancake off the plate in front of them then started eating. Once we finished Marcus came downstairs all dressed for school he took the last pancake left on the plate.

Marcus- When I woke up I didn't have a beautiful view in front of me

I rolled my eyes at him and said

Maya- Good morning to you too.

 I gave him a hug and when I looked at the time we had to leave otherwise we would be late for school. 

Maya- We need to go to school like NOW!

I rushed everyone outside and we started walking to school. On the way to school we just talked and played around it they are the greatest people in the world. When we got to school I went to my locker to go get my books and met Marcus in the hallway and we went to our first class. 

The first four classes were peaceful but I knew something will happen, I can feel it. When it got to lunch I had to put all my books back so I told them to go get a table. When I was walking back to the cafeteria I was tripped over by somebody and landed on the ground. When I looked up I saw Ashley, Lindsay, Zane, and Ryder towering over me. Fear overtook me, I knew something bad was going to happen and to top it all off there was no-one else int he hallway. While I was lost in my thoughts I felt a stabbing pain in my ribs and when I looked up I saw Ashey moving her foot in a repeated kicking motion. After they finished beating me up Ashley bent down in front of me and said

Ashely- Stay away from Marcus or you will regret it.

After that, she walked away leaving me on the ground in the hallway in pain.

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