Chapter 34

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~Maya POV~

I walked into school with Sophia when I saw Marcus talking to the girl I didn't recognize I think she might be new. From the back, I could see she has brown hair and olive skin, from the back she looked like to type of girl every boy wants. I couldn't help to feel a bit of jealousy when I saw they hugged. I walked up to them with a smile on my face with Sophia and said

Maya- Hi Martinus.

I walked past them and to my locker. Sophia stayed with Martinus just because they want to spend a lot of time together in case she moves. I got out my books and walked to my class and it's my least favorite because of its just Marcus in it. I walked into the classroom and got the chair in the back corner. The bell rang and everyone started to come in. When Marcus walked in he stopped and scanned the room for somewhere to sit when his eyes landed on me I looked away not wanting to make eye contact. He walked over to me and sat down next to me

Marcus- Hi Maya

Maya- Hi Marcus.

Marcus- Are you going to hang out with the group?

Maya- The group?

Marcus- Yea me, Martinus, Sophia, Zoe, and Jacob.

Maya- Zoe and Jacob?

Marcus- There new.

I've heard those names before and then I remembered when I heard those names before.


We were at the park eating Ice cream and I asked Marcus about what it is like being a pop star and then he told me

Marcus- After we became famous we had two friends Jacob and Zoe who were twins like Martinus and me. I had a huge crush on Zoe but after a while, we realized they were using us for our fame. After they used us for our fame Martinus and I were really hurt but was hurt the most since I had a massive crush on Zoe.

End of flashback.

The last part hurt the most since he had a massive crush on her and I think those feelings are coming back. That means there is no hope for us anymore. I got snapped out of my thoughts by Marcus grabbing my arm and saying

Marcus- Are you okay?

Maya- Y-yea.

Marcus- Are you sure? Your mood changed while you were thinking.

Maya- Yea I just remembered something.

Marcus- Can you tell me?

Maya- It doesn't matter.

Marcus- It does. if it upset you it does matter.

When he said that my heart fluttered and a smile was on my face. Maybe there is a bit of hope for us after all.

Maya- I remembered something that I've heard about Zoe and Jacob.

Marcus- How told you about them?

Maya- You.

Marcus was about to say something but then the teacher finally walked in. Where was he a few minutes ago when I needed him but at least he's here now. I justed wanted Marcus's and I's conversation to stop. The lesson went by slowly and eventually, it finished and before I knew it, it was lunchtime. I have a bad feeling about lunch.

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